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22 Church Valentine Ideas for Events & Social Media

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Searching for church Valentine ideas?

Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for churches to talk about love and demonstrate love to others.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous conversations with church leaders and church communicators – in person, on Twitter, and on Facebook – about church Valentine ideas.  I’m amazed at all the creative things churches are doing!

The church Valentine ideas I’ve heard tend to fall into two categories – Valentine social media campaigns designed to point people to the love of God and Valentine events designed to help couples develop loving, Christ-centered relationships.

11 Church Valentine Ideas for Social Media

1) Maybe a “love your neighbor” campaign type thing….?? @PastorJenna

2) We are posting daily “love” scripture texts on FB. Pleasantly surprised how many people click on them to read them. @revjenn

3) Connect with people who feel a little more lonely on #ValentinesDay, and invite them in to community. @crazypastor

4) Valentine’s Day is another big Chocolate day. Another chance to educate about fair trade and justice. @FatPastor

5) I will probably post about the real Valentine @PastorJoelle

6) Our school kids are making ecards that the senior citizens in the computer learning class will open @Conductor222

7) How making/sharing a meme of Jesus with the caption: Who love you, baby? @RevWeb

8) Remind everyone they are loved EVERYDAY! #YouAreBeloved @thelepper

9) Used 1 Cor 13 on blog to talk about God’s love through storytelling @caseyfitzgerald

10) Flip the script – tell the world that God’s LOVE is for creation, animals, people – not just romantic love @J_at_Seminary

11) I could envision an instagram/twitter campaign to post pictures answering question, “What is love?” @FatPastor

Bonus: It’s also the perfect excuse to quote risqué verses from Song of Solomon. 😉

11 Church Valentine Ideas for Events

1) Hold a Blood Drive and hand out chocolates to blood donors! @MeredithGould

2) Our church is doing vow renewals – should publicize on @vcwoodbury

3) Free childcare for church families by the youth group. -Melissa Bull

4) We do a “Love Week” campaign and encourage serving the community and random acts of kindness. -Carly Byram

5) Our student ministry holds a Valentines Gala each year. One of our guys who volunteers with them is a chef and has the kids cook a 5star meal, our associate pastor is a photographer so each couple gets their pic taken, also a silent auction, and entertainment. $30 per person. It’s their biggest fundraiser each year -Sherry Polk

6) We do an event called The Great Date Night where we bring in a comedian or entertainer and provide childcare. -Meredith Thompson

7) Father daughter dance. -Delores Eilrich

8) Our student ministry does signing telegrams in our AM/PM services the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. They also deliver goodies/flowers on Valentine’s day. It’s a great fundraiser for them and probably their biggest all year. -Kristin Coats

9) We’re having a children’s ministry serve project making v-day cards for nursing home residents that will be delivered early next week for distribution by the nursing home staff. -Almeda McMullen Smith

10) We have a Love out Loud Day on the 13th at our local food pantry. Providing an extra bag of pantry staples to 330 families! -Veronica P Brunson

11) XO Marriage conference simulcast in our church. We do a catered meal on Friday night. It is a great way to invest in the marriages in and around our church. -River Live

Let us love one another, for love comes from God. -1 John 4:7-9

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Post a comment and discuss:

  1. What is your church doing on social media to tie into the Valentine’s Day holiday?
  2. Got any other ideas?

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    Paul Steinbrueck

    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


    • Amazing post.Possibly its not the most original idea you've ever heard,however its a good one.Valentine's Day is about love.Since its on the mind,you should capitalize on the occasion.You have a great deal of preaching material to browse,however.The whole Bible is a book about love.Check out these PowerPoint sermon templates for love-topic sermons.Thank you so much.
      @ Susan White.

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    • Its a great one and also a beautifully crafted one. looking forward for more from this website.I read all of article of the site the article was very nice go and check it out!

    • WOW, I found the article which you posted in 2014, also very useful 🙂 Paul, I didn’t know that you have already been an expert before 🙂 Great!

    • It is good to hear that churches are innovating along with the modern world. I believe too that it is God’s will for churches to adopt to people’s expectations but of course not compromising the foundation or the essence.

      • I think every holiday is as sacred or secular as one chooses to make it. If one’s Valentine celebration focuses on the love of God or the God-given gift of human love then it is sacred. On the other hand, one can also take a holiday like Easter, make it all about candy and bunnies, and for that person it has become a secular holiday.

    • Hello sir Paul, I really appreciate your reply. Yeah you are right, it matters on the motif and perspective of the society or person. I even see Churches who uses memes like the one mentioned above.
      After all we just work for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.