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7 Ways Blogging Helps Your Christian School

Christian school SEO marketing and blogging
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Blogging has been around for more 2 decades now. Because it’s no longer the “shiny new thing,” some people dismiss blogging, thinking it’s irrelevant or inefficient.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Especially for Christian schools.

7 Ways Blogging Helps Your Christian School

1) Helps Others. The main reason people blog is because they want to help others. A Christian school’s teachers and administrators have have an abundance of insight into helping kids develop – academically, spiritually, physically, and relationally. Sharing this insight through blog articles can help parents and students who are a part of your school as well as those who are not yet connected with your school.

2) Builds Credibility. Sharing information, insight, and inspiration though a blog helps to establish your authority and credibility. Every school claims to be an expert in education and child development. By sharing your insight through a blog, people can read your perspective and see for themselves you are credible and worth listening to.

3) Shapes Culture. The topics you choose to blog on, the issues you address, and the tone you use, can all contribute to the culture of your school and your community. Do you address controversial issues or avoid them? Do you address real-world concerns or focus on education theory? Are you argumentative or gentle with those who see things differently from you?

4) Fosters Engagement. If you allow commenting on blog posts, they can be a great opportunity to build relationships and facilitate discussion among your school’s parents.

5) Amplifies Social. Social media continues to be an effective way to connect and engage with people online.  Blogging and social media amplify and compliment each other. Blog posts make great social media content. And in turn, when you and others share blog posts on social media, that helps to build your blog audience.

6) Tells Stories. A blog is a great platform for sharing the stories of what God is doing in your school. The most obvious stories are about your school’s achievements – gaining accreditation, winning academic or athletic competitions. The remarkable accomplishments of individual students also make for great stories. In addition to that, look for personal stories you can share – stories of answered prayers, student baptisms, parents or students coming together to help one another. People love to hear stories about kids who are not just excelling academically but are impacting their community and the world!

7) Improves Search Rankings. Search engines love fresh content. Additionally, people tend to share and link to insight, inspiration, and stories far more than general info you might put on your web pages. These shares and links help to improve your search rankings.

To sum it up…

Blogging helps schools tell their stories, build community, help others, and improve search rankings.

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