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5 Online Christmas Church Outreach Ideas

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Christmas is the time of year non-Christians are most likely to go to church service or event.

Usually this is true, but the last 2 years have been anything but usual.  While many things seem as though they are back to “normal,” not everything is like it was before COVID.

People seem to be more comfortable going out in public and doing things with people they know, but there is still a wariness of going to unfamiliar places and gathering with others people they don’t know.  Therefore, it’s important to focus on online outreach and personal invitations.

What are you doing to reach out online to people in your community this Christmas?

Seriously, we are all better when we collaborate. Post a comment below so we can learn from each other and borrow each others best ideas!  We’ll get the ball rolling by posting…

5 Online Christmas Church Outreach Ideas

  1. Post images with a Christmas quote or bible verse to your church’s social media accounts each day. Encourage church members to like, comment and share it.
  2. Post advent devotionals to your church’s blog or Facebook page each day. Encourage members like, comment and share it.
  3. Create a Facebook event for your Christmas Eve service or other Christmas events
  4. Run Facebook ads for your Christmas Eve service or other Christmas events
  5. Do something remarkable – distribute overflowing Christmas stockings to low-income families in your area, send Christmas gifts to kids in Puerto Rico, do a free Christmas concert in the park, anything. Email the local press and share info and pics. The idea is for non-Christians who see and hear about it to say, “I’m still wary of churches, but wow – if I did go to a church I would want it to be with those people!

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Christmas is… a chance for us to connect with people who don’t normally go to church… Make your best stuff. Take some chances. This is your moment. -Stephen Brewster

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Please post a comment and share what your church is doing to reach out this Christmas online.

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    Paul Steinbrueck

    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


    • Well,God Really is trying to get my attention.
      You writing and asking what we can do. Well, that’s jus it. He came to me through an Angel a few years back and I kept going back and forth of believing and not. I was a wildlife rescuer and my wife met for lunch and all I remember from that day was meeting her there and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital 3 days later. I asked my wife what had happen to me.she told me and then I told her these amazing places I went to and I was with an Angel and told me many many many things.Im going to just jump way ahead of the many things he said and tell the most important thing we have forgotten and that is to… Believe! He said I needed to spread the message that we need to stop using the word … ( Hope ) Because it’s a negative thing. We have been dependent on it we for got to Believe in what we want. When we Pray, when we heal ourselves and others, when cast out demons..etc
      We go around saying things like.i hope you feel better or I hope I get this job or I hope for this or I hope for that.he said tell them to start saying and feeling the word and that all it takes is a millisecond of a mustard seed to have the Belssings that Christ said we already have.
      We have the Gift from God that Christ said we have.But we are not using that gift. Why?
      He said and now I am saying it to all who read this.that you now are the messengers of one of the things the Angel said to me to do and spread.
      First you from now on will hear how many times you’ll hear people using the word hope. From friends neighbors, TV, when you hear commercials, the News stations…etc
      You’ll be so surprised how many times you hear it. He said to Stop hoping and start “Believing” for everything.for example instead of saying..I hope you feel better. But instead say I’m Believing you’ll feel better,I’m Believing I’m going to get that right job oe how about I’m Believing in a cure for Cancer!
      It’s just one of the many,many,many things he’s told me.please help spread His True messages to the people of this world.
      And that’s just one thing.
      i started a web site called.. .. I haven’t been on in a while cause I haven’t had anyone respond to it except that I need a professional to build it.that sounds great but it costs thousands of dollars that I don’t have.but because of your email today.i am encouraged to go back and finish what my guide guardian angel asked me to do.oh and that’s just it also he has reached out to many people.i asked him why me.because I was somewhat a narcissist and didn’t know it till my wife said I background wa not a Christian background. He said the messages were given to believers but not the ones who people call Christians he said God is calling the lost to help spread the message. He said long ago we all had been planted with the seeds of Gods Live and the ones who want to spread his love but cant or didn’t know they could are not growing because of the seed of Love. Plant the seed of Love and let Live grow from within. Spread and plant the seed of Believing and watch the world turn into a Beautiful Kind Loving Compassionate Planet!
      Thank you for your time and many Blessing! Joe Mondeau

      • Wow, Joe, that is an amazing experience you had! You make a good point about “believe” vs “hope.” I think the word “hope” when used by the authors of the bible was intended to mean “believe,” but today when we use “hope” it usually means more like “wish,” as in this what I wish for but I don’t have any confidence that it will happen. When we pray for something it is important that we demonstrate faith and believe God will do it.

    • Do you know how to resolve issues with facebook? They have flagged our website as “against their community standards”. I have no idea why, they never have given an explanation. I have tried sending a message to their support section but never got a response. So our we cannot link any posts from our website. Any suggestions?

      • Hi Richard, unfortunately I don’t have any direct suggestions for dealing with that situation. An indirect solution, would be to consider joining the Church Communications Facebook group and ask your question there – There are 10,000+ Church Communications people in there and Facebook’s liaison to churches, Nona Jones, is also a member. Maybe she or someone in the group could point you in the right direction.