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5 Online Christmas Church Outreach Ideas

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Christmas is the time of year non-Christians are most likely to go to church service or event.

So, what are you doing to reach out online to people in your community this Christmas?

Seriously, we are all better when we collaborate. Post a comment below so we can learn from each other and borrow each others best ideas!  We’ll get the ball rolling by posting…

5 Online Christmas Church Outreach Ideas

  1. Post an image with a Christmas quote or bible verse to your church’s social media accounts each day. Encourage church members to like, comment and share it.
  2. Post an advent devotional to your church’s blog or Facebook page each day. Encourage members like, comment and share it.
  3. Create a Facebook event for your Christmas Eve service or other Christmas events
  4. Run Facebook ads for your Christmas Eve service or other Christmas events
  5. Do something remarkable – distribute overflowing Christmas stockings to low-income families in your area, send Christmas gifts to kids in Puerto Rico, do a free Christmas concert in the park, anything. Email the local press and share info and pics. The idea is for non-Christians who see and hear about it to say, “I’m still wary of churches, but wow – if I did go to a church I would want it to be with those people!

Christmas is… a chance for us to connect with people who don’t normally go to church… Make your best stuff. Take some chances. This is your moment. -Stephen Brewster

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Please post a comment and share what your church is doing to reach out this Christmas online.

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