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Looking for the best Christian/church website builder? The WP-EZ Website Builder is WordPress made easy! It eliminates the time, money, and technical know-how usually required to create a website. In addition, WP-EZ also offers cutting edge graphics, designs, and functionality that would impress the most experienced webmaster and we are adding new features all the time. And the best thing about WP-EZ is… it is included FREE with every OurChurch.Com web hosting account.

Why is it called WP-EZ?

WP-EZ is WordPress made easy! WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world, so you can be sure it’s powerful and

versatile to meet the needs of all kinds of organizations. But WordPress can be complicated and time-consuming to set-up and maintain. WP-EZ harnesses the power of WordPress, and takes care of the set-up and maintenance making it easy for anyone to create and maintain a great Christian/church website!

Want to see for yourself? Watch the video below: How to Build a Christian/Church Website in 3 minutes.


Five important benefits you receive when you use our WP-EZ Website Builder include…

1) Great-Looking, Mobile-Friendly Themes

There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available online. That’s a great benefit, but it can also be very overwhelming. Who has time to search through all these themes, test them to make sure they are secure, and work well on all devices?

The WP-EZ Website Builder includes dozens of themes that look great and have been thoroughly tested for mobile-friendliness. These themes have been designed to provide a variety of styles and color palettes to give your website a modern, professional look. You can also customize all of the themes with your own logo, images and colors.

2) Powerful Website Features

There are also tens of thousands of WordPress plugins available online that provide almost every function imaginable. But many plugins have security vulnerabilities, are not well supported by their developers and have other flaws. The typical website includes 10-30 plugins. Who has time to find, install and test all these plugins and make sure they work on all devices?

The WP-EZ Website Builder includes a ton of advanced features you want on your website, including a blog, contact form, calendar, Facebook Fanbox, newsletter, PayPal shopping cart, photo gallery and more. They’ve all been thoroughly tested to make sure they are secure and mobile-friendly.

3) No Security or Update Worries

Because WordPress is so popular, it’s a favorite target of hackers. While WordPress itself rarely has security issues, vulnerabilities in plugins and themes are discovered all the time. They key is to make updates as soon as they become available. But who has time to login to their website on a daily basis to check for updates and make sure its secure?

With WP-EZ, we make daily security checks and make immediate updates when a security update is needed. This saves you time and gives you peace of mind so you can focus on other needs of your church, school, nonprofit or business.

4) Premium Page Layouts – New in WP-EZ!

Why start from scratch with a blank web page? The brand new WP-EZ includes premium page layouts that include beautifully arraigned and formatted sample content. All you have to do is replace the sample text with your text and replace the sample images with your images, and you’ll have an amazing website in no time!

5) Drag-and-Drop Page Builder – New in WP-EZ!

Ever try to position something on a web page but just couldn’t get it to look the way you envisioned it? Struggle to get images or columns of text the size you want them? That will never happen with the drag-and-drop page builder included in WP-EZ.

The WP-EZ Page Builder lets you…

  • Drag and drop images and text wherever you want them
  • Drag and drop images and columns to whatever size you want them
  • Easily create page layouts with 2, 3, or more columns
  • Add stunning effects like fly-ins and parallax

Join the growing number of Christian organizations building and hosting their website with OurChurch.Com’s WP-EZ Website Builder

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