How to Get a Website

Summary of “How to Get a Website”

A common question that many of us have is how exactly do I get a website? Many people, whether they are salaried professionals, entrepreneurs, school principals, or even church staff ask themselves, “What is the best option for me, and how much will it cost?” In this video, Paul Steinbrueck of outlines the basic methods that you can choose from when getting a website and also discusses some of the pros and cons of these methods.

The three basic options to getting your website are:

1. Use an online web builder – This involves going to a web services company and filling a series of forms. You choose your preferred template from their catalogue, perhaps the number of desired web pages, and enter your homepage content. Within only a matter of minutes, your site will be designed and up and running. You can add additional pages are you go.

The advantage of this method are its simplicity and low cost. A major drawback of this method, however, is that when choosing your template, you will choosing from an already common set and therefore not have personalized website. Another disadvantage is that you can’t move your website around from one company to another.  Instead, if you wanted to switch web hosts, would have to start from scratch.

2. Use only web hosting and build your site – With this option you first go to a web hosting company and register for an account. Once done, you will be given a place to upload content for your website so it will be accessible from your domain name.

The main benefit of this method is its portability.  You can move your site from one host to another without much hassle. Another advantage is that, although not as cheap as the web builder method, it’s still an affordable option compared to other approaches. The main downside of this method, however, is the high level of responsibility and technical skill that you need to have. You not only need to design the website yourself (perhaps using software like DreamWeaver, WordPress or Joomla), but you also must constantly update and maintain the functionality your website.  If something breaks on your site, you are the one who will have to fix it.

3. Hire a web designer – For this method, after finding a web designer, the designer will make a custom-built website based on your unique requirements.

The major advantage to choosing this approach is that you get an attractive site design specifically made for your organization. The site’s functionality will also be custom-designed for you. Another benefit is that you don’t need any technical skills when choosing this method as the web designer will handle all of that. The big disadvantage of this approach, however, is that it’s expensive, usually starting from a minimum of $1000 and above for a good designer.

Final Thoughts:
Choosing how to get a website is a question of your needs and resources. You have to consider various factors like website layout and design, functionality, site content, optimization, control and autonomy, and cost. The three options discussed by Paul within this video have outlined each method’s key characteristics and looked at some advantages and disadvantages of each so you can best answer the question for yourself, “How do I Get a Website?” provides all three options for all types of organizations. We hope that this information helps you to choose the best option considering your organization’s unique situation.

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