How Long Does It Take to Create a Website?

Summary of “How Long Does It Take to Create a Website?”

When a person has a business or idea and wants to fly with it, they don’t want to wait to get it going.  Same thing applies when a person wants a website created for their organization.  But, of course, there is always some wait time when creating something new and exciting.  There are four primary factors that Mark from OurChurch.Com lists that can determine how long it takes to create a website.

  • Custom vs Pre-Existing Design – Is the site being built from scratch or are you going to use a pre-designed template?
  • Number of revisions provided in the design process – Each revision takes time, perhaps up to an additional week, which is added to the completion of the site
  • Amount of content entered – Is the website going to be relatively small, maybe having 10 or 15 pages or is the site going to be large, needing content installed on dozens of pages?
  • The developer and client response times – How quickly does the developer respond to questions and requests?  Perhaps even more important is how quickly you will respond to questions and requests from the developer.

If a person wants a site to be completed quickly, they need to have the idea all set in their mind, have their content ready to be inputted, and be quick to respond to the web designer when the creation of the site begins.  Being well prepared and responsive will make a big difference in how long it takes to create a website.

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