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Why Your Website’s Design SHOULD Be Forgettable!

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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The header of a website is the first impression your organization makes on a visitor.  If there are problems with it – logo is too big or too small, if the logo, site title, slogan or menu items overlap each other, it will leave a lasting impression.  It gives the impression that your organization either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about its visitors.

In contrast…

The header of your site should be forgettable.  – Mark Steinbrueck

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Let me explain… People don’t come to a website for the design, they come for the content.  Because of this, you don’t want your header to be something they remember, whether it is a good memory or a bad one, you want people to forget about the header and remember your content.

So how do you do this?  Below are 3 ways to make sure your header is forgettable:

  1. Keep is simple:  There shouldn’t me anything more than a logo (or name of your org if you don’t have a logo), slogan, and navigation menu (if it is located in your header).
  2. Make sure it isn’t messed up:  Make sure that your logo isn’t too big (or small), you don’t have overlapping menu items, or too many navigation menu items so it repeats or breaks the header.
  3. Ask For Help:  There is nothing wrong with having someone tweak or personalize your header for you if you need help.  It is better to pay someone else to help then have a messed up website.

We at OurChurch.Com provide a Template Personalization Service where we set up your header for you and make sure that it doesn’t give a bad impression.  You can purchase it separately or as part of a money saving bundle.

If you need help with your header or want to talk about having OCC build your site for you, please contact me here!

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