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Why WordPress Is A Great Website Platform For You! (Part 2)

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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wordpress-923188_1280In this series, I am discussing why WordPress is a great website platform.  In last week’s post, I discussed how widely used WordPress is and because of it, it is easy to find support if needed.

In this week’s post, I’ll discuss what many people like most about WordPress… IT’S FREE!!

Yes, the WordPress platform is completely free to use.  In addition, many of the plugins that can be used with WordPress are also free.  That means that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for the software used to build your WordPress website.

There are some plugins that do have costs associated with them.  Also, if you want to purchase a premium design (Theme), there will be a cost for that as well, though many of the premium themes cost less than $75.  However, if you are able to build, install, and maintain everything yourself, you can do that for only the cost of your hosting and domain name.  This means you can build a very inexpensive church website using WordPress.

Overall, WordPress is one of the most economical website options available.

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    • According to me wordpress is the best content management system due to its advantages like simple and easy user interface, free/open source, updates on regularly basis etc. Initially, WP was born as a platform for creating blogs, but nowadays it is known as most popular CMS as compared to others and its possibilities are much wider: by WordPress make a variety of resources:. small shops, portfolios, websites, personal blogs, business cards etc. Plugins are freely available to enhance your website functionality. Tutorials are easily found by using google for creating website through wordpress worksole.com/wordpress-website-development or you can choose worksole for this purpose. Anyways, thanks for you nice effort.

    • An open-source content management system (CMS) like WordPress allows you to have control over your website without programming knowledge. A WordPress website enables you to edit your content, add new posts, and much more.