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What Political Yard Signs Can Teach Us About Websites

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We are constantly being bombarded with messages.  We suffer from information overload.  Clutter and noise are everywhere.

If you want to stand out and get your message across, don’t add to the clutter.  Make it simple.  Keep it short.  Make it clear.  (See Less Website IS More. No, Really!)

I don’t think my neighbor get this.  There’s an election on Tuesday.  Here’s a picture of his front yard.

By my count that is  – and feel free to sing along with me – 5 printed signs, 4 hand-written signs, 3 French hens, 2 pink flamingos, and a van  with political messages scribbled all over the windows.

Let me ask you…

1) Do you think anyone can read this in the 5 seconds it takes to drive by his house?

2) Do you think he understands and is connecting with his audience?

3) Do you think he’s helping or hurting his cause?

I am sooo tempted to post this sign in my yard just to tweak my neighbor.

less is more
Now look at your website.

Which of these two pics does it more closely resemble?

We redesigned the OurChurch.Com website less than 2 years ago and removed a lot of stuff.  But some clutter has crept back in.  Meanwhile, the ambient noise has increased making the need to be ruthlessly simple even greater.  We need to declutter again.

How about you?

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