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What is Technical SEO?

What is Technical SEO?
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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One of the most overlooked aspect of SEO is technical SEO.

If you want your church, school, ministry or business website to rank better in search engines, it’s important to check for and resolve any technical problems that might hurting your search rankings.

In this Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions (SEO FAQs) video blog, I address the question, What is Technical SEO?

(The article below is a summary of the video, but you’ll get more details and examples if you watch the video.)

What is Technical SEO?

There are many aspects to technical SEO. Let’s talk about 5 of the most important.

1. Readable by Search Engines: First off, you need to ensure that your website is readable by search engines. Some settings or files can block search engines from indexing or listing web pages. To maximize your SEO potential, make sure there is nothing preventing search engines from accessing your content.

2. Sitemap: A sitemap is like a roadmap for search engines. It guides them through your website, ensuring they don’t miss any important pages. A well-structured sitemap can significantly improve your site’s discoverability.

3. SSL Certificate: Security matters, not just for your visitors but also for search engines. An SSL certificate encrypts data transfer between your website and its visitors, making it secure. Search engines prioritize secure websites, so having an SSL certificate can give your rankings a boost.

4. Page Speed: Nobody likes a slow-loading website, not visitors and definitely not search engines. Search engines aim to provide a great user experience, so they favor fast-loading sites. If your site takes ages to load, you might see a drop in your rankings.

5. Core Web Vitals: Google introduced Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics that measure page load times and visual stability during loading. These metrics influence your search rankings, so it’s essential to keep an eye on them.

So, in a nutshell…

Technical SEO is addressing technical issues that prevent your website from being found, indexed, and ranked well by search engines.

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At, when onboarding a new SEO client, our first step is performing a technical audit of the website. We check for issues like those mentioned above. We also connect the website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure they can properly crawl and index the site. These technical aspects are the foundation of our SEO strategy, setting the stage for further optimizations.

If you’d like to discuss church SEO or Christian SEO for your business, school or ministry, with one of our SEO experts, fill out the consultation request form below.

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