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What is Plan Your Visit? (and a Big Announcement!)

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Plan Your Visit is a church outreach strategy designed to make it easier for people to visit a church for the first time, have a good first visit, and come back.

That’s the short answer anyway.

Last week we shared with you 5 Reasons Your Church Should Use the Plan Your Visit Strategy.

If you haven’t read that blog article and watched the 13 minute video in it, go do that first.

Because the there’s an online component to Plan Your Visit, some people wrongly conclude that Plan Your Visit is just a web page, a button and an online form.

In this next video, we explain the…

6 Parts to the Plan Your Visit Strategy

1. Traffic
2. Landing Page
3. PYV Form
4. Pre-visit communication
5. Hosted Visit
6. Follow-Up communication

New! Plan Your Visit online course!

We’re excited to announce that last weeks’ video and the one above are the first two lessons in a new Plan Your Visit online course launched today in our WP-EZ Training Center!

The Plan Your Visit course is available at no charge with all of our website packages – Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Here’s an overview of the Plan Your Visit course

  • Lesson 1: Why Your Church Needs Plan Your Visit
  • Lesson 2: What is Plan Your Visit?
  • Lesson 3: The Plan Your Visit Page
  • Lesson 4: The Plan Your Visit Form
  • Lesson 5: Pre-Visit Communication
  • Lesson 6: How to Host Plan Your Visit Guests
  • Lesson 7: Follow-Up Communication
  • Lesson 8: Engaging Your Whole Congregation
  • Lesson 9: 3 Ways to Take Plan Your Visit to the Next Level

Want to reach more people in your community this Easter?

The Plan Your Visit church outreach strategy can help your church reach more people with the gospel this Easter and beyond!

What is Plan Your Visit church outreach strategy

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In combination with the Plan Your Visit course, we also launched the Fluid website theme, the first website theme for our WP-EZ Website Builder specifically designed to support Plan Your Visit.

It’s got a Plan Your Visit page, Plan Your Visit form, and Plan Your Visit buttons pre-installed and ready to help your church start using the Plan Your Visit strategy in no time!

Comment and Discuss

  • What do you think of Plan Your Visit?
  • Is your church already using Plan Your Visit? Considering it?

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