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What is Church Web Hosting?

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Speaking of web hosting… one aspect of the church website that a lot of people don’t understand well is web hosting.

What is Church Web Hosting?

Every website resides on a server.

A server is a computer that is always on, always connected to the internet, and always ready to send web pages (and other website information) to anyone who requests it.

A web host or web hosting company is the company that manages the server, makes sure it’s running well, makes updates, and addresses any questions or issues the website owner has.

Web hosting or web hosting account is the service provided by the web hosting company. Church web hosting is a web hosting service specifically designed for church websites.

To use an analogy, if you wanted to open an ice cream shop, you would need to rent a storefront in a strip mall from a property manager. For a website, the server is like the strip mall, the web hosting account is like a storefront, and the web hosting company is like the property manager.

How to Choose the Best Church Web Hosting?

Imagine for a moment you rented a storefront for your ice cream shop, and then the power kept going out, the lock on the front door broke, and customers for the other shops in stripmall used up all the parking spots keeping your customers from getting to your shop? Imagine how you would feel if when you tried to call the property manager, he was rude, or unhelpful, or didn’t answer at all?

Just as there are bad, good, and outstanding property managers, there are also bad, good and outstanding web hosting companies. In fact…

Your web hosting company can literally make or break your website.

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Moving forward we will explain in plain English…

9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Church Web Hosting Company

  1. Platform
  2. Disk space
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Backup
  5. SSL certificate
  6. Email
  7. Support
  8. A ministry partner that shares your mission and values
  9. Cost
  10. Bonus: coming soon…


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