What are you doing to protect yourself & your kids online?

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children onlineOne of the big challenges for adults is keeping themselves and their children protected from dangerous Internet content – pornography and sites promoting hate, violence, drug use and other evils.

A recent survey by the Barna Group found that 42% of parents would like to hear from their churches when it comes to media and technology issues. However, few churches are talking about how to protect yourself and your family from harmful Internet sites. So, we want to get more of those conversations going.

Would you take this quick 2 minute survey on Internet filtering software?

Then post a comment and let us know:

  • How important do you think protecting children from harmful Internet sites is?
  • What if any Internet filtering software are you using? Are you happy with it?
  • If not, what’s the biggest thing preventing you from using Internet filtering software?
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    • Well, we can’t always keep an eye to our kids so it’s hard to protect our kids from online that way. I put password to my computer at home that I’m only the one who can access it and install software filter in my computer, that what’s I do. Usually, I let my kids use computer if I were around and guide her on how to use properly.

    • As good parents we always ask where our children are going when they leave the house, sadly they may be in even more danger online. Internet predators will gain the confidence of a minor and slowly elicit information from the child. This could put the child in danger or your property. The only way to see what a child's activity is online is to download software that can alert a parent to any risky activity. This software can be loaded on any computer any also onto laptops that may be carried to school. It has the added benefit of being able to track lost and stolen laptops. Via a very easy to use interface you can track emails, Instant messaging, block risky sites and follow where your child has been online. For the cost, it's one of the best parental controls out there. You probably have an alarm system for your house, you should have computer monitoring for your children.