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Guest bloggerTomorrow I’m hopping on a plane with 5 other people from my church to head for Africa where we’ll be serving the staff and kids at the Springs of Hope Kenya orphanage and the people in the surrounding community of Nakuru (Kenya missions trip details & watch the Kenya missions trip blog for daily updates). Then after a short 3 day turnaround, I’ll be headed to the North Georgia Mountains for a week.

This is the perfect time to give some other bloggers the opportunity to share their insight and experience with Christian Web Trends readers and lead the discussions here. I’m excited that the following 12 bloggers have stepped up to the challenge!

Would the 12 of you take a moment to post a comment and introduce yourselves?

Would the rest of you please welcome them! Would you also make an extra effort to engage with them and encourage them in comments? Awesome!

By the way, we had so many more people offer to guest blog than days available, that beginning in August we’re going to feature a guest blog post every Monday. If you’d like to do that, just post a comment & I’ll send you more info.

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    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


    • I'm looking forward to participating. I've been blogging at for over 4 years = focused on helping people grow more comfortable in conversational evangelism, and helping churches with their evangelism strategies.

      • I think that it is awesome that you are focused on helping people grow more comfortable in conversational evangelism! I had a bible study leader who worked with The Navigators and really helped me feel more comfortable talking to others about the gospel, but it is still something I seek help in. I look forward to reading your article 🙂 Welcome!

      • Hi Chris, great to have you guest blogging here. BTW, if you didn't see yesterday's post about the top posts on Christian Web Trends in June, the post that included video, notes and resources from the Social Media for Pastors and Church Planters webinar we did together back in March was #2 despite being 3 months old.

        • The Nakuru visit … a good thing, but why don't you involve us who are right here!!! it would have been pleasure to meet with you!!! I am waiting to see you invite me for a at least a day. Please call me on: +254 723 314 617 or e-mail me on:

          • Our itinerary is pretty well set now, but I'll send you an email.

    • Hello everyone! 🙂

      This year I graduated from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and I am now living around the world as a trailing spouse with my husband, a US Air Force medic. We are currently stationed in Del Rio, TX.

      I seek to help others use social media to connect their faith based community. I believe social media will assist you in spreading the gospel and teaching the word of God while sharing testimonies, life lessons, joys, and personal struggles with people in your community. I am somewhat new to the social media scene, but have already learned a lot and enjoy finding new ways to connect.

      I am currently the Social Author for Salty Waffle’s faith based outreach. Please see my blog here: If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @FaithNetworking

      I am striving to make this a two way conversation, so please hit me up anytime 🙂

    • Hello, Martina McGowan here.
      I am fairly new to social media. Like the rest of you my goal is to spread the Gospel in all ways available to me.
      My blog is a blend of bible study- meets Sunday school- meets leadership principles and living the life the Gospel calls us to. Sometimes I am more successful than others.
      I came to Christ over 50 years ago, "attend" seminary @ Rockbridge (online), practice gynecology (over 30 years), am a mother and a grandmother.
      I have been teaching in church for over 40 years, and have recently felt the call to imrpove my preaching skills.
      My difficulty with blogging has been in getting comments from my readers. I frequently get calls and have conversation about the articles, but I think a serve a population that doesn't feel real tech-savvy. But we press on…

    • Hello, I'm Rick Phillips. I'm a volunteer Communications Director at The Ridge Church in Brookville, Ohio (Near Dayton). It's been quite an adventure over the last 4 years learning how to help a growing church continue to effectively communicate. Happy to help out Paul and I hope I can help out the readers here some too.

    • Hey everyone! My name is Bruce Crews, and I'm an Associate Pastor just outside Greensboro, NC.

      While I'm newer to blogging, I really had my eyes open while blogging thru the book Sticky Jesus here with Paul as well as the authors Tami and Toni. It was a great time of sharing and relating, as well as learning from fellow bloggers.

      That experience has led to me leading my church, friends and others in reading thru Proverbs during this month. Please feel free to check it out and lend your voice. You can find my blog at, and you can connect with me via twitter – my id is brucecrews.

      Thanks Paul for another chance to learn and meet other believers.

    • Hello, everyone! I, too, am looking forward to posting and interacting with the community here. I have been writing, researching, consulting, and speaking about online ministry for the past five years. I am a professor at Biola University and I am currently teaching a summer online course entitled "Using the Internet and Social Media for Ministry." You can find out more about me at my website Lessons From Babel. To keep up with what I am doing, you can also follow me on Twitter.

    • Welcome to Kenya team. I am Kenyan working for Christian Mission Aid. CMA has programs in Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. See our website for more details. You may consider visiting us while in Kenya. Have a safe trip and a fulfilling time of missions. God bless. Tabitha.

    • This is such great stuff! When the opportunity to participate in this month's blog project, I felt compelled to participate. I took part in the Sticky Jesus discussion and it was a wonderful experience. I am a geek. I like all the shiny, new technology things. I believe God has called me to use social media to reach the community I live in. I maintain my church website, facebook and twitter sites. It is a blessing to be able to use the gifts and knowledge I have to reach out to a local and global community for Jesus. As a result of working on the Sticky Jesus project, I have been preparing to launch my own personal blog soon, Longing4Eden. It is like having a baby, and the nesting period is almost over and I should be publishing soon. I look forward to this discussion and all the comments that come our way!

    • By way of introduction, I have invested most of my adult life in Christian higher education. Now retired, for the third time, I continue to write for publication. cf. my publication website: http://mmm/ I also post a weekly blog on wordcasters.

      God bless,
      Morris Inch

    • Hey everyone,
      Late to post here, but very excited about this third opportunity to blog on Christian Web Trends. First on Kem Meyer's book, Less Clutter Less Noise and second with the @StickyJesus project. It was fun.

      I have a blog, that is mostly something my family looks at. While I don't feel shy to express my faith on Facebook or Twitter, I am somewhat timid to dig deep on my own blog! How strange…I guess I am not comfortable with writing, but I keep pushing myself.

      I am a very social person so it is natural for me to gravitate to social media. I have learned so much from people in the social media world and I love to share. I am the Communications Director at Cypress UMC (@cypressumc).

      Anticipating great posts here and look forward to sharing them with my twitter peeps and Facebook friends.

      I love to read to…sometimes I may have 3 books going at once. Like now: Leading Beyond the Walls, Church Diversity and Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Son.

      Blessings and Peace,
      Sarah Holbrook