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Top 10 Twitter Pet Peeves – What’s Yours?

Twitter fail whale - pet peeves
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Twitter fail whale - pet peevesFor the most part I love Twitter.  It’s a great way to connect with people who share similar interests, a great source for information about what’s happening in your field, a great way to build your brand, and for many of us it’s kind of a virtual water cooler.

But nobody’s perfect, especially not the wonder of the one-forty.

So, this morning I asked those who follow me on Twitter:

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Twitter?

You tweeps responded in droves…

  • People who constantly stir up trouble. (Actually wrote a post on it today lol) . Some ppl. are all about drama! @HandsHouseHeart
  • Over capacity; slow @DeepConscience
  • When people abuse the power and Tweet the same thing or advertisement over and over again! @princesslilac
  • uptime! that’s my only peeve at all. @scott_hunter_
  • Horrible spelling & grammar since our tweets don’t get graded by a professor or some “Twitter accreditation body” @McGeenie
  • the number of times that the whale takes flight #twitterpetpeeve @phillipgibb
  • Everyone’s so busy Tweeting, nobody’s reading them.The connection’s not like it used 2 b @SharonMcP
  • @reply people who say follow me and I’ll follow back…then they don’t! @scotps23
  • Twitter randomly deletes past DMs and updates as in yesterday, without notice. @mbstockdale
  • Right now it is the reply spam I keep getting. Very annoying. @jaycaruso
  • The increasing frequency with which the fail whale seems to be coming up: several times every day recently! #fail! @LSTBookshop
  • Tedious nonstop tweets about apple, ipads, iphones, etc. @scottfinn
  • The way that it instantly crashes when a goal is scored in #worldcup What’s happening? games! @Orual_undone
  • when someone sends you a link for better traffic, like you asked for it. Really, I’m sure I’ll click @phillipgibb
  • people who multi tweet same thing throughout the day. Its like advertisement that gets old quick @BroD411
  • replies dnt link 2 the original tweet. Sometimes by the time U send or recv a reply the original msg is 4gotten. @rdy4eternity
  • The frequency of “over capacity” messages. I’d use it more if it was consistently available. @LifeOfAshley
  • Media figures quoted like they’re the Dalai Lama. For that matter: dalai lama quotes. Quotes in general. @hmx5
  • the over capacity nonsense and Twitter is currently unavailable due to server upgrade EVERYDAY???? Why? @MsDonellio
  • when someone you don’t know follows you but has their tweets locked… @sckarolek
  • when u sign up for 1 persons site knowing they will be sending you ads & they include friends sites 25+/hr! @kittybet9
  • people who don’t use Twitter & complain about its non-usefulness/irrelevance & are closed 2 discussion @jacktx42
  • the amount of people that spam rather than engage or contibite value. @mattedmundson
  • people that don’t reply. Sure some are busy, don’t see, etc the tweet – but not that many. @stubbyd

A lot of annoyances to be sure.  As for me, here are…

My Top 10 Twitter Pet Peeves

  • 10) Broadcast tweeters.  People who tweet their own stuff and don’t read, respond, or retweet others’ tweets.
  • 9) Tweets missing from twitter lists.
  • 8 ) Any tweet that has to do with Justin Bieber.
  • 7) When I screw up and accidentally tweet what was supposed to be a DM.
  • 6) Get rich DMs
  • 5) Get followers DMs
  • 4) DM questions from non-follower – Because they don’t follow you, you can’t DM an answer.
  • 3) @mention spam – When people spam @You and a link to whatever they’re promoting.
  • 2) The time suck – When I check Twitter and 30 minutes later realize it’s 30 minutes later.
  • 1) The Twitter Fail Whale (of course) – By the way, if you’d like to shoot at the fail whale, check out

So, how about you?  What are your top Twitter pet peeves?

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