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The Church SEO Tactic that Improves Relevance AND Authority

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Continuing our series, What is Church SEO?

We discussed earlier in the article Church SEO: What to Optimize for Better Organic Search Results that to improve a church’s organic search rankings, one has to take steps to improve its relevance (how closely a web page relates to the targeted keyword) and its authority (how reliable, reputable and important a web page is.)

I wrote, “All 200+ search ranking factors can be put into one of two categories – relevance or authority.”

Actually, that’s not exactly true.

There’s one thing that impacts both relevance AND authority:

Quality Content

Content is any information or media. It can be web pages, blog posts, images, audio, or video.

When a church adds content to its website about a specific topic or issue, its website becomes more relevant to that topic or issue. Additionally, the more quality content published on a website, the more of an authority it becomes.

One SEO advantage churches have is they already produce at least one unique piece of content every week: the Sunday sermon. –Paul Steinbrueck

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The Sunday Sermon

It’s just a matter of getting that sermon onto the website in a format that is useful for human visitors and readable by search engines.

People like to listen to sermon audio and watch sermon videos, but search engines are still not very good at understanding audio or video content. So, when you put audio or video of a sermon onto a web page or blog post, it’s helpful to also include a relevant title, summary, and scripture references. You can see examples of sermons posted by Journey Community Church in Safety Harbor, FL.

Other Church Content Ideas

Chances are your church is already creating other content beyond the sermon that can be published to your church website on a regular basis, including:

  • Weekly bulletin or program
  • Announcements given during the Sunday service
  • Weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Stories of life transformation by those who trust in Christ and are baptized
  • Daily devotionals related to the sermon theme
  • Thoughts (blog posts) from the pastor

Adding quality content to your church website doesn’t have to take a lot of extra time if you start by publishing the content you’re already creating.

If you need help with your church website design so that your church can add sermons, blog posts, newsletters, or other content, request a free phone consultation.

If you’d like our team of church SEO experts to help your church improve its search rankings and reach more people in your community, we’d love to talk with you about that as well.

Discussion: What content is your church already creating? Are you getting it on your website?

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