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> @StickyJesus 9) Quiet: The Humility Zone

Written by msamberuh

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prideIn celebration of Internet Evangelism Month, this is the ninth in a 15-part blog project discussing the book, @stickyJesus: how to live out your faith online.

I knew as soon as I read through the chapter titles, that chapter 9 was my gold mine. Let me begin by confessing that I struggle with pride. I like to hear that I have done a good job and I am the first one to begin believing the hype. So a humility chapter was a great open door to hear from the Lord.

I really appreciate the incorporation of scripture throughout this book and I was moved by the prayer at the conclusion of this chapter as much as the rest of the content.

Here are the things the Lord really used in this chapter to remind me that my life is to make HIM FAMOUS and make HIM KNOWN:

* It takes intentionality to guard your heart in this world. We must constantly bring ourselves before the One whose very nature is humility. Philippians 2:5-6

*”Much of the information on the internet isn’t so much about facts and data as it about people’s hearts and passions.” Not too long ago someone shared with me that the struggle of being on Facebook was that it seemed everyone around her were friends with one another, while she felt so alone. My first response was, “Man you are super sensitive.” (Probably because of the afore mentioned struggle with pride) My later response was, “Look how I missed an opportunity to meet a need that was being expressed.”

*Being present for people is one of the greatest things we can do to show love and compassion. It also struck me in the chapter that a non acknowledged post or comment is equivalent to a dropped call. What a great reminder that a little goes a long way. Remember to say thank you!

Questions to Consider:

  1. What is your motivation behind posting that picture, that blog, or that comment? Do you check your own self promotion factor before hitting send?
  2. When are you most tempted to let pride rule your online presence?
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    About the author


    Amber is wife, sister to the funniest kid she has ever met, and privileged to serve at such a wonderful church as Community Church. She has been in involved in ministering to children and youth for 10 years. You can check out more of her thoughts at or follow her on Twitter: @msamberuh


    • Amber, thanks for opening your heart to all that was in this chapter. The enemy uses pride to trip us up all the time, at least whenever he hasn't deployed his fear tactics to attack us. The best counsel I ever received was from a very dear friend that said anytime we think more of ourselves than others, pride is in the house and when we think less than ourselves than others, fear is trying to move in.

      There's a lot of truth packed in those two statements. Take the time to meditate on them- especially when things feel out of sorts. Keeping the characteristics of pride and fear in mind helps me quickly assess and discern what I am up against – what spirits are waring over me. The awareness of both also provides a great 'motive check' for why I am am doing what I am doing! (online and off line)

      We find our Divine balance in humility and confidence. We can't stand strong and be faithful unless we remain present to who we are and whose we are. It's humbling when God reveals our sin to us and then lavishes His grace on us in the rescue. And oh what confidence we have knowing that because of grace, we are children of God with access to ALL His promises. Can't you hear Him now? "You are more than conquerors…"

      The online world is full of metrics and measures that can feed our egos and inflate our pride. Those simple things designed to give us affirmation (Likes, Retweets, comments, rankings, and the number of followers) can quickly derail us. If we're not careful we'll become distracted by them and miss God's purpose and His plan for our online assignment. Make Him known. Make Him famous. We have to guard our hearts and stay on mission.

      Amber – I am grateful for your insights and bringing us there with you. Thanks for taking on this chapter today!

      • Tami, that is so true concerning metrics. It's so easy to use metrics to compare ourselves to others – number of followers, number of tweets, shares or comments on posts – and then either feel superior to those who have lower numbers than we do or inferior to those who have higher numbers than we do.

        My metrics do not determine my value as a person, how smart/funny/engaging I am, or how much I "get" social media.

    • Thanks Tami for the encouragement and the great insights. I love the sentence above, "We find our Divine balance in humility and confidence."

    • I loved this chapter. And I have to remind myself every day that it's not about what I know or who I know. It's about Who I know. The one who shed His glory skin to crawl into human flesh. I want my heart to melt into His so that any "self promotion" is only done to shine the light on Him.

      II think pride shows up in thinking both too much or and too little of myself. I have to remember to focus on Him.

      • i love that sandra! "I want my heart to melt into His so that any "self promotion" is only done to shine the light on Him. "

        its kind of an overflow thing isnt it… where your heart is there your treasure is… and then we overflow from that place. are we overflowing HIM or overflowing ourselves? i know what i rather want to do!

    • When am I tempted to let my online presence be about me? um…always? lol.

      Seriously though, for whatever reason I find myself craving recognition and affirmation like a drug and have actually turned down a couple of opportunities in ministry because I knew that it would be a big mess for me when my pride won out. Lately though I've been very conscientious of every tweet, picture and blog post and actually have asked "is this about me, or about how my story can help someone else?"
      I find for myself that the easiest way to deal with that kind of thing is to be as precise as possible with my target audience. Sometimes I even get as specific as one person so that I can make sure it's about that person and not about me.

      • Wow. I love the honesty so many people would have kept trucking right through into ministry. Awesome! Sounds like your formula for being "others focused" is working. I love it!

    • Amber, your insight is right on. I love the example of your friend and her comment about Facebook. Even "conversations" about social media w/ anyone may bring up windows and insights into who they are an how you can minister. You totall rocked my perspective.

      I am constantly asking myself "is this me or is this Christ?" But I remember a time when all I wanted to do was show off how clever I was with words or how funny I could be with my postings or links. Looking back to the early days, I know that I wasn't aware of others AT ALL. It really was like my own personal stage and every day I turned that spotlight right to ME. I'm embarassed about that but thankful that God loved me and rescued me from myself with the stickyJesus adventure He sent us on. He continues to bless me by expanding this awesome community of believers who he is "rescuing" too. Praying others get infected with the pursuit of his holiness.

      Love this post Amber, thanks so much for taking us into your heart.

      • i love that point toni – is it me or is it jesus? and i often thiink does this HONOUR jesus? case in point, the end times weekend we just had. i posted 2 jokes that i had read (one referring to LOST, which i adore lol) but part of me also felt that i was joining in the media storm that was mocking christians. i loved many of the jokes i read, but couldnt in clear conscience for myself post them. its about being sensitive to His leading – to post or not to post….

        i am glad of his grace and love and i want the world to know!

        • Claire's post reminded me of a quote from C.S. Lewis that I really love…

          Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

    • i totally know that quote but couldnt remember who said it! thanks paul!

      its totally important to realize our story is important but in the context of HIS STORY! we're ment to be ambassadors for His Kingdom, not our own, witnesses to His reality.

    • PS – i love this quote from the book:

      by staying close to the Famous One you can guard your heart against pride and keep so much of you from dominating so much of everyone else. @stickyjesus

    • Abmer, your transparency in this post is both courageous and infectious. Thank you for going there 🙂

      I did a good amount of grunting and weeping in this chapter. This chapter made me examine my motives- online and offline. I am well acquainted with the "haunting needs-to succeed, to be accepted, to be loved and to know that I matter."

      The drive to be successful was a seed planted when I was a teenager. I was 13 yrs. old attending Newark public schools when I was selected to receive a 4 yr. scholarship to a private boarding school. I loved the praise, the prestige, and the and the idea of being " the one who beat the odds." The rush of being known and feeling important was addictive. From that point on, I set out to do things that would draw that attention, and praise. Throughout high school, college, and even during the early years of my professional career, I had an insatiable appetite for the type of success that I thought would draw attention. I was never satisfied. I was always looking for the next project, promotion, or purchase that would say, "see me" or "look what I'm doing!" It was a yoke that was designed to literally take-me-out! I am so thankful that God's love- which has the power to meet our every need-rescued me. And it still rescues me :-). I've learned to embrace the Holy Spirit's correction in the area of pride; it doesn't feel good, but I know it's so necessary.

      Before this book, I was certainly buying into the "streaming me" culture! Especially with Facebook. I thought Facebook was designed to be all about me; my accomplishments, the best photos I could post of me, etc. And Twitter? oh please! we don't want to go there. I thank God for raising a standard. This blog project, which was an answer to prayer, has exposed me to an entire community who are living their faith out online and actively engaged in spreading the good news- who knew? I've been blessed beyond measure!

    • Yaw’ll are absolutely killing me!
      I’m in the Christian Music business, and everything I pick up to read about it, is just like the secular music business. It’s all about ruthless, self-promotion, in order to get more bookings and sell more CDs, and getting your song on the radio, etc. I’m still at the level, after 32 years, where I have to book myself, write my own bio’s, and all that sort of stuff, which I have always hated doing, because I have to sell “Me”. I’m not good at selling anything, and my CD sales are pretty much non-existant. I was already feeling bad about it, but now I feel as low as a slobberin’ slug, because everything you’ve all said is all scriptural, therefore, it’s all 100% correct.