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QR Codes: 10 Ways Churches Can Use Them

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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church qr codeIn yesterday’s post, What is a QR Code? (and 4 other things you should know about them), we discussed the basics of QR codes. Today, we look at some practical and innovative ways churches can use QR codes to communicate more effectively to their members and connect better with people in the community.

1) In the Sunday bulletin/program, put a QR code next to each item for which there’s more info on the website.

2) Some people may want to skip the print bulletin entirely. Put the bulletin on the church website and place a QR code for the bulletin in the lobby so people can bypass the print version entirely.

3) Put it in a “sermon notes” part of the Sunday bulletin and link it to the audio (podcast), video, or notes for the message.

4) Put a QR code on your sign that links to your church’s homepage or a welcome page, so those driving or walking by your church can get more information about your church.

5) If your church sends out direct mail pieces to reach people in your community, include QR codes on them.

6) If your church building has rooms for specific ministries, put a QR code on the sign outside the door that links to more info about that ministry.

7) If your church creates invitation cards for your people to use to invite their friends to church, include a QR code that links to the service or event you’re inviting people to.

8 ) If you church staff have business cards, put a QR code on back that links to the church homepage or to a profile page for that staff person.

9) For evangelism purposes, your church could create a sign that says something intriguing like “Good News!” “Want a better life?” “Sick of being let down?” and below it put a QR code to a text or video gospel presentation on the church website. This could be put on yard signs, posters, stickers, or other things that could be posted and distributed in your community.

10) Create a coffee mug for your church with a QR code on it. Give it free to first-time visitors or sell it to regular attenders. In fact, you can put a QR code on any customizable items – a T-shirts, key chains, Frisbees, mouse pads, calendars, hats, tote bags, umbrellas, post-it notes, golf balls, thumb drives, and more.

Is your church using QR codes in any of these ways? If so, how have they been received?  What other ways could churches use QR codes?

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