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How to Use Private Student Pages for Better Parent-Teacher Communication

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Back when I was in school, except for the occasional parent/teacher conference the only communication between teachers and parents were the papers that my teachers gave me… that I remembered to take home… made it there in one piece… and I remembered to give to my folks.  Let’s just say my delivery rate did not exactly rival that of FedEx.

In high school we got computer print outs of our report cards. And I remember how some students managed to magically raise their grades from a D to a B with the artistic use of a lead pencil.  I don’t remember if any of them got away with it, but there’s a pretty good chance some of them did because that was the only way grades got to our parents.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m thankful things have changed.

Now it’s possible for teachers to quickly, easily, and securely communicate directly with parents through their school website…

We build custom websites for our clients using the Joomla CMS. With the JACLPlus (advanced access control) component installed, teachers can easily create and update a private web page for each student.   Each page is password protected so that only that student’s teacher(s) can edit it and only that student’s parents can view it.

Check out this demo video.

How is the communication between parents and teachers at your school?  Are private student pages something that could improve communication at your school?

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