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New website stats coming. Login required.

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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It’s been a while since we’ve published anything resembling a newsletter, but we’ve got some important information we want to get to everyone who has a website or web hosting with OurChurch.Com. We’ll be emailing this to everyone, but it’s also important to have this info published online so we can reference it in other places.

1) New website stats coming

The website stats plugin we’ve been using in the WP-EZ Website Builder has not been as accurate as we like and its developer is no longer supporting it.  As a result, we will be switching to new stats plugin.  If we simply installed a new plugin and uninstalled the old plugin, when you look at your stats today you would have no data.  Therefore, we are making the transition to the new stats plugin in two stages:

  • 1) Today we are distributing the new plugin.  Distribution should be complete for all WP-EZ sites by noon today, at which time the new plugin will begin collecting visitor data. However, when you access “Website Stats” (under the “More” menu on your WP-EZ Dashboard) you will continue to see data from the old stats plugin
  • 2) In January 2018, we will remove the old stats plugin and change the “Website Stats” link to show you data from the new plugin.

By doing it this way, when you check your stats in January, you will at least have data going back to the beginning of December.  If you want data that goes back further than that, you will need to go into Website Stats sometime in December and save whatever data you want to keep.

2) Login Required for Geo Data

The new stats plugin requires that you login to the WP-EZ Dashboard of your website for it to activate location data.   So, if you want to know how many of your visitors came from each country, login to MyOCC, click the “My Websites” menu option, and click the “WP-EZ Admin” button to the right of your website.

Two other things we want you to know about…

3) WP-EZ 2.0 Now Available

At the beginning of November we launched the new version of our WP-EZ WebsiteBuilder.  The feedback we’ve gotten from organizations that have switched to 2.0 has been amazing!  Here’s a sample:

I am amazed at how easy you have made WP-EZ 2.0! -Dennis

WP-EZ 2.0 is so much easier to navigate and make changes. The format makes it easier to create a more modern and inviting website. -Terry

I had a challenge inserting pictures, text, etc. into the old format. This is much easier. -Liz

WP-EZ 2.0 is now available exclusively in our Gold hosting package.  If you have the Gold package, use the “Switch Theme” option in your WP-EZ Dashboard, to start using 2.0.  If you have the Silver, Bronze or free package, we encourage you to upgrade from your My Services page in MyOCC.

4) Help Shape the Future of OCC

Our users feedback and input are given a lot of weight when we make decisions about features and themes to add and other improvements to make, so please share yourthoughts in this month’s survey.

If you have have any comments or questions, please post them below.

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