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New Web Hosting Packages: No Ads and 2x Disk Space

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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For 2 decades, online advertising has been an integral part of OurChurch.Com’s services.  That ends today.  We are also doubling the disk space included with all our web hosting packages.

A Look Back at OurChurch.Com Ads…

Way back in 1997, we began offering organizations two website options – get a free site with ads on it or purchase a premium site with no ads.  Along with those two options, we provided companies who wanted to get their message out to a Christian audience the opportunity to show ads on our network of free sites.

Years later when we began offering conventional web hosting accounts, we also included a free version of our website builder that showed ads and the option to purchase “NE1 Premium” and later “WP-EZ Premium” with no ads.

Over the last 2 decades, there have been two big trends that led to today’s change:

  1. The cost of online ads had dropped dramatically due to an explosion in the amount of ad space available and people’s “ad blindness” (the way our minds have learned to ignore ads.)  As a result, advertising has been a decreasing portion of our revenue.
  2. The vast majority of organizations have realized the message on their website is too important to risk diluting it with ads. As a result, the number of organizations signing up for and using free sites with ads on them has been declining.

Simplifying Services

After some analysis, we found 80% of our users who purchase a hosting package also purchase WP-EZ Premium.  Most of the other 20% ended up with ads on their site, which detracts from the appearance and usability of their website.

We realized it would be a lot simpler for our users and their visitors if we included WP-EZ Premium with every hosting package.

Therefore, effective today, we are eliminating the WP-EZ Premium service making all our websites ad-free.  The cost of all web hosting packages has been adjusted to so new price of each hosting package is the same hosting + WP-EZ Premium used to be.

If you are one of the 80% of our users who had a hosting package and WP-EZ Premium, the cost of your service remains exactly the same.  For example, Bronze users paying monthly were paying $5.95/mo for hosting + $4.95/mo for WP-EZ Premium = $10.90/mo.  Now you will be paying $10.90 for Bronze hosting (ad-free included).

That’s a lot simpler, right?

If you had just a hosting package but no WP-EZ Premium, your costs will increase but if you no longer have ads on your site.  This provides a much better experience for your visitors and gives them a much better impression of your organization.

2x More Disk Space

At the same time, we are increasing the disk space included with all our Christian web hosting packages.  Bronze has increased from 2 GB to 5 GB, Silver from 6 GB to 15 GB, Gold from 24 GB to 45 GB.  So, now you can add even more audio and video to your website!

Competitive Web Hosting Prices

Now that we’re including no ads with all our hosting packages, our hosting prices appear to have gone up (even though 80% are paying exactly the same as they were).  However, the good news is, OurChurch.Com’s web hosting with WP-EZ Church Website Builder is still priced lower than most other website providers that include a DIY website builder.

Existing Invoices

While the change takes effect today, our billing system generates invoices 2 weeks in advance.  Therefore, anyone whose hosting is due for renewal on or before July 19 has an invoice with WP-EZ Premium and the old prices.  This should not be an issue, though, because the cost is exactly the same.

One of my mantras – focus & simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex… But it’s worth it in the end. -Steve Jobs

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    Paul Steinbrueck

    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


    • What does this mean for those of us that have already paid for this year. I’ve already paid an additional fee a month or 2 ago. IHavent had time to read up on that one yet. Help…

      • Hi Millicent, back in January you paid for a year of the Silver package but you did not purchase WP-EZ Premium so you’ve had ads on your site. For the rest of this year, you not only get twice the disk space but you also have no ads on your site.

        I don’t see any record of you paying for any other fees or services.