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More People Killed Taking Selfies than Killed by Sharks

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

076Last week 2 tourists died just hours apart in 2 separate incidents while attempting to take selfies in Peru, according to a report by International Business Times. The article goes on to report:

In 2015 it was reported that more people died taking selfies (12) than were killed by sharks (8). Others have died being killed by bulls, shooting themselves by accident, and in one case by crashing a plane – with the pilot also killing a passenger in the process.

That’s just people who have died taking selfies. If you’re like me, you are constantly seeing people putting themselves in harm’s way by focusing on their phone instead of their surroundings, like walking in front of a car while texting.

I like a good selfie as much as the next guy (like the one I recently took above with my wife in the Smoky Mountains), but…

Let’s be smart, let’s be safe, and let’s be present in the moment, at the place, with the people we are with right now.

You can read the full IBT article here.


  • What do you do to try to keep yourself from being distracted by your phone and other devices and live in the hear and now?


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