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Is SEO really that important?

Why is SEO important?
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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You’re on a mission!

Your church, school, ministry or business exists to connect with people and impact their lives for the better.

One of the things you have done in order to help you achieve your mission is build a website. But now what?

There may be thousands and thousands of people looking for what you offer through your website – Christian community (church), Christian education (school), or a product, service or ministry that helps people – but they don’t even know your website exists. This is preventing you from achieving your mission.

In this Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions (SEO FAQs) video blog, I address the question, Why is SEO so important? and share  5 compelling reasons to do SEO.  

(The article below is a summary of the video, but you’ll get more details and examples if you watch the video.)

5 Compelling Reasons to Do SEO

1. Everything Starts with Search

Today, search engines like Google are the starting point for virtually every online quest. Whether someone is searching for a product, service, assistance with a problem, or answers to their questions, they turn to search engines. If your website isn’t in the search results, people won’t find you, making it impossible to assist them effectively.

2. Good Rankings Require Deliberate Effort

“If you build it, they will come” is a great movie catchphrase, but when it comes to websites nothing could be further from the truth. Merely creating a website doesn’t guarantee a high search engine ranking. To draw visitors to your website, you must be intentional about your SEO efforts. This means optimizing your pages, building links, and enhancing your website’s authority. Without these actions, gaining visibility and attracting visitors becomes an uphill battle.

3. If You Don’t Rank, Your Competitors Will

When people search online, some organization is going to be listed at the top of the search results, 10 organizations will be listed in the top 10. If it’s not your organization, it will be your competitors. Online users will click on their websites and potentially engage with their offerings or services. SEO not only helps you become visible but also ensures that you don’t lose potential business to your competition.

4. SEO is Cost-Effective Marketing

Unlike traditional interruption marketing methods such as print, direct mail, radio, and TV, SEO is incredibly cost-effective. With SEO, you provide information about your organization when people are actively seeking it. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage your audience when they’re most interested, resulting in a much higher response rate.

Here at, SEO is our most effective marketing strategy, and it’s the same for our clients. More people discover us and our clients through search engines than through any other marketing channel.

5. Achieve Your Goals

The most important reason why SEO is vital, is because it will help you reach your goals. Whether you run a church, a ministry, or a business, you have significant aspirations for your organization. SEO is a powerful tool to help you realize those dreams by reaching more people, providing better services, and making a bigger impact.

The bottom line:

Why Is SEO Important? Because search engines are what connect people to your website and your organization. -Mark Steinbrueck

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The fact of the matter is, you probably KNOW search engine optimization is important and will help you reach your goals, but you’re probably not DOING anything about it because you’re busy and have other financial demands.

Remember SEO is an investment, that provides a great return. If you want more money coming in a year from now, the time to start investing is now.

And if you’re busy, our team of SEO experts can help free up some of your time by taking SEO off your plate.

Church SEO or Christian SEO for your business, school, or ministry may feel like a big decision, but the next step is simple and easy. Just complete the form below to schedule a short call with one of our SEO experts.

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  • Are you using SEO to achieve your goals and mission?  Why or why not?

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