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Is Search Engine Optimization an Investment or an Expense?

SEO: investment or expense?
Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

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Search engine optimization (SEO) sounds like a great idea. After all, who wouldn’t want tons of visitors coming to their website day and night looking for exactly what you’re offering. Of course, SEO isn’t free. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself there are costs involved, both money and time.

What is the cost of SEO? Should we view those costs as an expense or an investment?

In these two videos we look at whether SEO is an investment or an expense as well as how to measure the return-on-investment (ROI) of SEO. The first video we talk about whether SEO is an investment or expense and what to expect from it.

Part 1:

In the next video, we continue discussing how to know whether the SEO you are doing is helping you to achieve your goals.

Part 2:

If your organization is a business, it’s relatively easy to see SEO as a marketing investment. It’s also easy to see how important it is to measure and evaluate the return on that investment.

For churches and other non-profits whose goals may not be spiritual rather than monetary, it’s still important to think of all of your outreach (including SEO) as an investment in people. That too can be measured if you’re intentional about asking and documenting how people heard about you.

Don’t think of SEO as an expense but as an investment that will produce a positive return on investment in the future. -Kurt Steinbrueck

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Comment and Discuss…

  • Do you think of SEO as an expense or an investment? Why?
  • How does SEO compare to other forms out outreach/marketing your organization invests in?

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