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Husband and wife’s ministry grows through website

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Steve&LindaScreenshot2-17-14Two years ago, Steve Harvey contacted me about putting a website together for a  ministry that he and his wife started.  Their ministry started as a result of a close friend passing away from cancer and another being diagnosed with cancer.  Their mission was to spread the Good News of Christ and salvation through Him.  Before contacting OurChurch.Com, they were physically mailing out 4 letters a year to approximately 250 recipients.   They wanted to make their letters available to all by putting them on a website.  They wanted OurChurch.Com to build and maintain a basic website for their ministry.

Around the time that the website was ready to launch, Steve and Linda receive the news that Linda had a rare form of lung cancer.  After this news, they became even more involved in their ministry, adding many new areas to the website including letters that documented Linda’s battle with cancer.  Even during this difficult time when Linda was receiving treatment, they continued their mission to share the Gospel of Christ to as many people as possible.  After a six month battle with cancer, Linda met the Lord in early January 2013.

Steve has continued the ministry that he and Linda started many years ago.  He has added many new areas to their website including God’s Promises, personal notes from a journal that Linda kept during her fight with cancer, and information on how people can support their Christian Foundation.

What amazes me about Steve and Linda is that they are regular people.  They are not people that work full time in ministry.  They are not missionaries in a 3rd world country.  They are not website experts that like tinkering with technology.  Simply put, they are Christians that are obedient to God’s command of showing love to others and sharing how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please check out their website by going to http://www.steveandlindajo.com.  What do you think of their website?  After hearing their story, is there a personal ministry that you feel God calling you to do?  If so, would you like to talk about how to accomplish it with a website through OurChurch.Com?

You can read more about OurChurch.Com’s custom web design services by clicking here.  If you are interested in discussing how OurChurch.Com can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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