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Google Mobilegeddon 2 Coming Soon?

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Google announced it will be rolling out an update to its mobile search results that builds on the update released April 21, 2015.

That Google algorithm update became known as Mobilegeddon because it first introduced mobile-friendliness as a search ranking factor, and there was much concern about the effect it have on the search rankings of websites that were not mobile-friendly.

Google stated the new update will begin rolling out in May and “increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.”

In other words, if your website still is not mobile-friendly, you probably saw your Google mobile search rankings drop last April and should expect them to drop even more in May.

What Should You Do to Prepare?

If you created your website with OurChurch.Com’s NE1 Website Builder, your website is not currently mobile-friendly. However, our new WP-EZ Website Builder is mobile-friendly, and you will be able to migrate your website to WP-EZ in April to avoid any penalties by the Google update in May.

If you’ve created your website using some other tool, we encourage you build a new website with WP-EZ.

Or if you’re interested in a custom-designed mobile-friendly website or SEO services to improve your search rankings, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


  • Is your website mobile-friendly? Why or why not?
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    • Thank you Paul for the update. As the SEO community knows, Mobilegeddon was not a joke last year. Remember, if you are operating a normal wordpress website, you can make your site mobile friendly via a check box from “Jetpack”. Also, Consider adding a generic wordpress AMP page to improve your SERPs for mobile pages.