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GMO Reaches 1,000,000 with the Gospel, 100,000 Decision for Christ in 1 Day!

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Yesterday, God’s work through Global Media Outreach achieved two amazing milestones.

1) More than 1,000,000 people around the world visited GMO’s evangelistic websites yesterday to read about the good news of Jesus Christ.

2) More than 100,000 of those people indicated they decided to follow Jesus.


Global Media Outreach runs a number of evangelistic websites including,, (and mobile versions of those sites at .mobi extensions). Yesterday’s numbers include all visitors and decisions to those sites.

You can watch real-time as people visit these sites and indicate decisions at

March Millions Gathering

The milestones were achieved as a part of GMO’s March Millions Gathering, which includes increased advertising on Google as well as a 48 hour prayer call that started noon (EST) Thursday March 24 and continues through noon (EST) Saturday, March 26.

A Call for Online Missionaries

When a person visits one of GMOs websites and decides to follow Jesus, they’re asked to complete a short form indicating their decision. Every person who completes one of these forms or a form indicating they are not ready to make a decision but want more info about Jesus receives a follow-up message from one of GMOs 5,500 volunteer online missionaries. With the record number of decisions for Christ, GMO is trying to double their online missionaries.

I’ve been serving as an online missionary with GMO for about 6 months now. It’s been a great experience and I’ve helped hundreds of people. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar and it’s not overly demanding. There’s a brief training period, and after that each online missionary receives usually 1-3 messages a day to respond to. You choose how many messages you want each day, and you can take a break if you need to for vacation or a busy stretch of life.

You can learn more about becoming an online missionary here.

What do you think about what Global Media Outreach is doing and these milestones?

Are you considering becoming an online missionary? Any questions I can answer for you about it?

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