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Stay Organized and Connected With your Members With EZ Sermon Manager

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Doing church solely online… Not the way that anyone could have anticipated church being done in 2020.

People in your community and around the world are struggling with fear and uncertainty, but we have an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ:  The Gospel of love, peace, hope, and certainty.

Now more than ever, churches are posting their services and sermons their website.  However, often it is done in a unorganized, haphazard manner, missing supplemental resources like Bible references and notes.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a online sermon solution that made it easy to publish your services or sermons, attach notes, include Bible references, and present it in an easy, organized, and searchable format?

OurChurch.Com has partnered with Series Engine, the premier sermon/service website plugin to bring you EZ Sermon Manager!  

With EZ Sermon Manager, you will be able to:

  • Assign title, speaker name, series name, topic, and Bible references for all your sermons.

  • Attach links or PDF downloads to any sermon/service

  • Link to Bible verses and select the translation in which the verse appear

  • Effortlessly share your sermons on Facebook, Twitter or via email

  • Customize the colors of buttons to match your website

  • Use audio or video uploaded to your site or from YouTube and Vimeo

  • Easily create podcast for any of your sermons or services for iTunes, etc.

And if you order by Thursday April 16th, you will save $50 off the regular price!

Imagine if your church could have months of audio or video sermons/services, all in a great looking, easy to navigate format….

Imagine if you could add a service or message to iTunes in just seconds…

Imagine if you could reach your local and global community because people found your site when searching for topics like “Is Heaven & Hell real?”, “How to break free from addiction”, “If God loves us, why is the world such a mess” or other sermon topics you have had in the past…

No need to imagine, it’s time to start doing!

Order EZ Sermon Manager Today!

Check out what some of our customers who use the EZ Sermon Manager are saying…

The layout of EZ Sermon Manager is perfect and stunning to view. Our congregation members enjoy the archive to listen to past sermons. It is so easy to navigate and click on a favorite speaker or Bible verse before listening to the sermons to make the experience more enjoyable!  –  Janice, Prince of Peace Lutheran

I have been using the sermon manager on for just over a year.  I like it because it is easy to use. All I have to do is select the sermon video from our YouTube account and there are quick easy steps to add it to our web page.  It is also easy to add Bible verses and handouts such as sermon notes. Sometimes I am rushed like everyone, but this is quick and an easy task to complete.  – Cullen,  Living Abundantly Ministries

Below is one of the layouts of this awesome sermon plugin:


To watch a demo video of the EZ Sermon Manager, please click the video below


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will the new sermon manager use up our current web space?

  • If you upload the sermon to your website, yes. If you upload your sermon to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video sharing site, no.  

Q: Is the cost $149 (special rate) plus $4.95 a month?

  • Yes, if you order by Thursday April 16th.  After April 16th, the cost is $199, plus $4.95/mo.

Q:  Is the cost an annual renewal rate? plus the monthly rate?

  • No, the $149 fee is a one-time license and setup fee. After that it’s $4.95/mo from that point forward.

Q:  Will the new sermon manager make loading and accessing messages easier than current site?

  • Absolutely! Much easier!

Q:  Our pastor’s sermons are approximate 45 minutes in length. Is that a problem?

  • No, 45 minutes is no problem at all.

Q:  Can we bulk upload past sermons?

  • Yes

Q:  Does EZ Sermon Manager work with doing live streaming?

  • No, it doesn’t work with live streaming.  However, after you stream live, it is great to use for organizing and categorizing past sermons.

Q: We want to get EZ Sermon Manager for our website. How do we do that?

If you have any other questions about EZ Sermon Manager, post them in a comment below, email support (at) ourchurch (dot) com or call us at (727) 723-2454

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    About the author

    Mark Steinbrueck

    Mark Steinbrueck is President and Co-founder of OurChurch.Com. He is a member of Generations Christian Church, a husband and father of 3. He is a huge Cardinals baseball fan and bleeds Garnet and Gold.


      • Hi Bob, EZ Sermon Manager is only available with OurChurch.Com’s WP-EZ Website Builder. It is based on the Series Engine plugin which works in any WordPress site. So you could buy Series Engine, and do the installation, configuration and all the updates yourself. However, if you build your website with WP-EZ, the installation, configuration and all updates are done for you.

    • I have several questions. Q.1 Would I upload our sermons as I normally do? Q.2 Am I correct that the Sermon Manager catalogs the sermons? Q.3 Would we be able to add former sermons using Sermon Manager?

      • Carolyn, thank you for your questions. Please see below…
        Q.1 Would I upload our sermons as I normally do? How are you uploading your sermons now?
        Q.2 Am I correct that the Sermon Manager catalogs the sermons? You enter a topic for each sermon so they are searchable by topic and the Sermon Manager will list related sermons based on this criteria.
        Q.3 Would we be able to add former sermons using Sermon Manager? Yes.

        You may find this video helpful for your questions: