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Everything You Need to Know about Church Web Hosting

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Every church website has to be hosted on a server that’s connected to the Internet, but what exactly is church web hosting?

And with so many web hosting providers out there, how does one decide which church web hosting services are best for their church?

These are good questions a lot of pastors and church communications struggle with. There is a lot of information online about church web hosting, much of it is written by techies for techies using a lot of technical jargon. So, in this post we point you to…

Everything You Need to Know about Church Web Hosting

  1. What is Church Web Hosting?
  2. Choosing the Right Platform for Your Church Website
  3. Disk Space and Bandwidth Explained
  4. Backup Services
  5. SSL Security Certificates
  6. Email
  7. Support
  8. Ministry Partner
  9. Cost
  10. Moving to a New Host

Your web hosting company can literally make or break your website.

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So, choose wisely.

If you are looking for church web hosting for your church, click the link to get started with OurChurch.Com!

Post a comment to discuss…

  • What’s your biggest takeaway regarding church web hosting?
  • What questions about church web hosting do you still have?

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