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Yesterday I blogged about How to Make Change E.A.S.Y. The premise of the post is change can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. I provided 4 steps that spell out the word E.A.S.Y. which can make adapting to change much easier. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do that now.

How people find what they want is changing dramatically.

Ten years ago, everyone used the ginormous paper phone book. Now almost no one even has a phone book.

People search for everything online:

  • Local services like carpet cleaners and pool builders
  • Products
  • A local church
  • Private schools
  • Advice and resources for personal and spiritual growth

What can you do about this?

1) Educate – Read blogs like this one that help you understand how the Internet is changing people’s behavior, and therefore is also changing small business marketing, school marketing and church outreach.

2) Accept – Search engines are here to stay. Mobile search is only going to become more prevalent. If you want to reach people, it’s going to be online. The people and organizations who continue to ignore these changes, can’t move on to the next step.

3) Strategize – Since we can’t change the fact that people are searching for what they want online, and they’re often using phones and tablets to do it, what’s your strategy to connect with them online? Are you going to optimize your site for search? Create, verify and optimize your local search listings? Monitor your search rankings, search algorithms and adjust your SEO as needed? Hire a professional SEO company like OurChurch.Com? Nobody plans to fail, but many people fail to plan.

4) You act – Once you’ve planned your search marketing strategy, follow through with it. If you just wait and hope for better search rankings and more website visitors, it’s never going to happen. Be proactive! Take action!

There you go… E.A.S.Y. SEO.

Does that make SEO easy? Well, it’s easier than ignoring changes taking place around us and allowing your business to go out of business or your church, school or ministry to shut down, right?

If you really want to make your SEO easy, you’re going to have to delegate it to someone else. Schedule a free SEO consultation, so we can discuss how we can take the burden of search marketing off your back and and help you live out your mission online.

What do you think?

  • What do you think about the 4 E.A.S.Y. steps for adjusting to change?
  • Where are you in the process of adjusting to the way people find what they’re looking for?

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