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Do you have boundaries for your mobile phone use? Really???

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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windows phoneMicrosoft has a great commercial out promoting their new Windows phone.   It’s one of the funniest commercials I’ve seen in a long time.  Have a look…

While the commercial is obviously intended to be funny by showing people using their mobile phones in some ridiculous circumstances.  It also succeeds at being somewhat convicting.

How many of us have caught ourselves using our phones in some of these same situations?

I know I have.

Walking down the street… At the beach… At a concert… On a boat… And yes, I admit it, even in the bathroom and in bed.  (But it was only for a quick second.  I promise.)

It’s amazing to always be just a few touches away from anyone anywhere in the world.  But, in our hyper-connected world it’s also a challenge to be fully present, in the moment, where we are.  There are times when we want to be fully engaged in an experience, fully engaged with a person.  That requires setting some boundaries.

Do you have any boundaries for your mobile phone use?

  • Will you check your phone in a business meeting?
  • During a church service?
  • While you’re out on a date?
  • In the middle of a conversation?

Do you want or even expect others to give you their full attention at certain times?

As much as Microsoft would like us to believe a Windows phone is going to resolve this issue and enable us to be fully present whenever we should be, it’s not.  It’s going to take real intentionality on our part.

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