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#Cultivate09 Custom B: What would Jesus Tweet?

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Does social media empower or impair our call to act as the body of Christ? Let’s examine together how we might learn from Christ’s work of applying everyday scenarios as life lessons—in common language, wrapping His message in simple, yet soul-gripping stories.

Ryan Wynia – I lead social brand innovation at a new brand consultancy called Firebone in Chicago. We believe brands begin and end with people.

Joe Dascenzo – Wooer. Futurist. Ideator. Communicator. Activator. A 14-year veteran of the creative industry, my work includes strategic ideation, brand storytelling, and group facilitation and mediation.

Jesus did a bunch of stuff and when a crowd gathered he taught rather than trying to draw a crowd to teach.

Would you rather be going out and telling people about your church or having people come and ask you about it?

How does a church use social media to engage the community?
– FB discussion about message
– Post photos of events, engaging commenters
– Authenticity is what matters most

You’ve never been managing your brand.  People from your church have been treating people imperfectly and talking to people way before the Internet came around.  But now it’s out there for everyone to see and it’s there forever.

Resist the urge to defend and delete.

How are churches using Twitter?
– Tweet event announcements
– Just Bible verses (not a good idea)
– Churches are trying to figure this out since it’s not a person

Integrity and honesty is huge.  This is an opportunity for the church to lead the way.

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