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Creating a Video for Search Results

Creating a video for search results
Written by Jonathan Keener

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Video is now within the reach of anyone who has a website. We live in a culture where video is the most passive form of consumption. We like to press a button and then absorb what we’re getting. This all should tell you that maybe it’s high time to make a video. Another reason to make videos is the opportunity to step out of a webpage and gain trust with your target audience. Its obvious people feel comfortable toward social media. The only difference from mainstream advertising, promotions and social media are the personal attributes social media delivers. It builds trust and lets people get to know you on a more personal level.


When making a video, don’t get too hung up on the content. It can be as simple as introducing yourself, your position and maybe some other people who might want to say hi! Or you could go as far as doing a virtual tour of your location.

The ability to be “you” is crucial. Trying to act a part will not come off as natural and could run the risk of looking completely fake and wont accomplish what video can do for your business.

“Videos are complicated to make, and that makes me nervous”

This is both a valid concern and a common misconception, so let’s go through the steps. Usually there are three main people involved, the person doing the filming, the person in the film, and the person that does the editing. So to find someone to film, simply start asking around to people you may think would have an interest in filming the video. Typically this is someone younger with technical skills, or you could go as far as looking for someone local in craigslist that would be willing to do the recording for a decent price. The editing is the most important part of the completed video. If you don’t know someone who does video editing, there is a great online resource called Fiver (click here). This is a great resource for people who need small technical jobs done with quick turn – around.

Why does Google love video?

Because Google knows that when a person searches a key phrase, a consumer is more likely to click on the video thumbnail result amongst a sea of webpages. If you are able to get your videos indexed in the search results you will reap the benefits of 85% those keyword searches. But throwing a video onto YouTube will not bring traffic to your website, or convert costumers.

Here’s what you need to do: Set up an RSS feed or a Video sitemap. This is a good time to get a hold of your website development team. There is going to be some programming and design work involved, so always it’s best at this point to hand it over to them. The main goal of all of this is to have the video on your webpage so that when someone clicks on it from a search result; they land on your webpage instead of a video platform such as YouTube. Here is Benjamin Wayne who is the pioneer of “Video SEO” and does a great job of explaining its benefits.

WARNING He says the word “fundamental” numerous times, not sure why.

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