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Communications Resolution #3: Plan Ahead

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Hi, I’m Paul Steinbrueck of! And, in this video series I’m talking about my 7 Communications Resolutions for 2013. Number 3 on my list is to plan ahead.

I’ve often found myself at times waking up in the morning wondering, “What am I blog about?” “What I’m going to talk about in social media?” things like that.  If you have ever done blogging or video or anything like that, you realize that the planning process – coming up with ideas – can often be one of the most time consuming parts of the process.

So, in 2013, one of my resolutions is to plan ahead, and not be coming up with the ideas the day off, but rather planning a week or two weeks or even a month in advance, what I’m going to blog about and what am I going to do videos about.

The idea is to do all the planning at one time in a creative brainstorming session, and then not to think about that each day.

3 benefits to planning further ahead blog posts and social media: (not in the video)

  1. Better content.  Content that flows from one post to the next because they’ve been planned together.  Synergy between blog posts, videos, questions, images & other content posted to social media.
  2. Better focus and time management (not distracted by trying to come up with ideas each day)
  3. Less stress & more fun.  I don’t enjoy having to come up with ideas under pressure. I do enjoy creative brainstorming sessions though.

So that’s resolution #3 for this year. If “plan ahead” is one of yours, I’d love to hear about it and why?  Or if you already plan ahead, I’d love to hear about the benefits you’ve experienced and any advice you have to share.

So go ahead and post a comment and let me know. Thanks!

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