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Should You Combine Your Church SEO & Website Design?

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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We are in Church Marketing month at OurChurch.Com.  I talk with a lot of churches who understand the importance of doing church SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  They also understand the importance of partnering with a reputable church website design company.  However, they don’t understand the issues you could encounter if they use separate companies to perform each service.

If you were building a home, would you subcontract everything out yourself or would you hire an expert home builder to do everything?  For the same reasons, it is better for you to partner with an experienced company to be in charge of both the website design and SEO for your church website.

5 Benefits to Using the Same Company for both Your Church Website Design and Church SEO:

  1. SEO-Friendly Design. When building your site, it will help ensure that the platform being used can be read by search engines and optimized for search engines.
  2. Optimized Content. When initially mapping out your new website, they will make sure to include specific content that is crucial for church SEO.
  3. Ongoing Optimization. When you make changes to your website after it is launched, they will be able to advise you if it will negatively effect the SEO on your website.
  4. Simpler Communication.  The people doing the design of your website and the people doing the SEO of your website are going to need to communicate during the design phase, the SEO phase, and down the road when you do redesigns and re-optimizataion.  Do you want to be the middle-man?  If these groups of people are all within the same company, they can talk directly with each other rather than having to go through you.
  5. Lower Cost.  Because communication is simpler and interaction between the design and SEO teams more efficient, packages that include both church website design and church SEO are usually less expensive than 2 separate packages.

Using the same company for your church SEO and website design gives your website the greatest opportunity for success.


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  • What do you think of the benefits of having the same company do the design and SEO of your church website?
  • Have you seen or experienced any of these benefits? Or run into problems by having different companies provide these services?
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Mark Steinbrueck

Mark Steinbrueck is President and Co-founder of OurChurch.Com. He is a member of Generations Christian Church, a husband and father of 3. He is a huge Cardinals baseball fan and bleeds Garnet and Gold. Find on Google+.


  • Hi Mark, thank you for your great message 🙂 sure, use the same company for both the web design and seo is more better than use difference. Agree with you.

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