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The Best Church Websites… 9) Use Quality Images

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Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Poor images.  We find them everywhere. We see them on social media and we see them on the news.  Sometimes the poor image is the only one available for those outlets.

However, one place we should never see them is on church websites.  To have the best Christian website for your church, you need to make sure that you use quality images.  Today, I’ll explore the reason this is important, and touch on the ongoing debate on using stock images vs. original photography.

Why is using quality images so important?

For any media which was created for the purpose of reaching many people, the expectation is that it will look professional (not blurry, not stretched, cropped properly, etc).  However, when they don’t look professional, the poor image is the first thought that comes to mind.  In fact, often times when there is a poor image used, your mind focuses so much on that, the message that is trying to be shared is completely missed.

Now don’t get the concept of using a quality image confused with using an image that will get people’s attention.

Use quality images on your website, not to wow people with the images but to help them understand and focus on the message.

best church websites - quality images

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How do you get good, quality images?

  1. Assign the responsibility of taking good pictures to someone who can & likes to take good pictures. This may seem logical but unless you find someone who enjoys taking good pictures, has the ability/equipment to do it, and are intentional in asking them to do it, it won’t happen.
  2. Use stock photography. Now, there is an ongoing conversation about whether a church website should use stock photography.  In fact, Jerod from ChurchJuice wrote a good article that discusses this very topic.  For space sake, I won’t get into all the details but let you read Jerod’s thoughts on the topic.

Note:  Personally, I think that a church should use original photography whenever it is possible.  Original photos are more genuine than stock images and shows visitors that the church is made up of flawed people, not perfect models.  However, I also think it is better to use stock photography than to use poor images that are either blurry, stretched, or not the correct size.

Is your website using poor images?  Do you need to get rid of some images and replace them with good quality images?  Let me know your thoughts below?

Also, if you need help and want to have the best church website for your church, please contact me here!

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