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The Best Church Websites: 6) Have Images Above the Fold

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Continuing our discussion on what makes the Best Church Websites, today’s topic is about having images “above the fold” and why that’s important.

The concept of “above the fold”

The concept of “above the fold” goes back to newspapers. Newspapers are usually folded in half, so everything “above the fold” on the front page can be seen by a person without opening or even flipping over the newspaper. Additionally, newspapers are often sold in machines with a window that only shows the part of the front page that is above the fold. Therefore, if a newspaper editor wants to get people to buy and open his paper, he has to have headlines and images “above the fold” to capture the readers interest.

A similar idea is true for websites. When people visit a website, they only see the top part of the homepage that is visible on their screen. Therefore, if a website editor wants people to continue reading her website, she has to have content “above the fold” to capture the reader’s interest.

The human brain is wired for image processing.

Our brains were created to process images. Long before we being to read, we learn to make sense of the world by what we see. Think about the things we as parents give our young children to stimulate learning – colorful objects, objects that move and our own facial expressions.

Is it any wonder that we as adults are still drawn to color, motion and human faces?

This is why if you want your church website to captivate visitors’ attention, it’s important to include imagery – a picture, image slider or video – “above the fold.”  Ideally, something colorful, that moves and includes people’s faces. Something that conveys your church’s heart, it’s mission, it’s people.

We must integrate imagery “above the fold” of our websites to convey our church’s story and purpose.

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What does your church website have above the fold?  Do you need to make some changes to the content of your website?

When we at OurChurch.Com custom design websites for churches, we always include some kind of imagery above the fold.  For those looking to build their own church website, our WP-EZ church website builder has many themes that include an image or image slider above the fold.

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