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Become a COVID-19 Resource for Your Community

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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What is the most sought after resource during the coronavirus pandemic?

Not toilet paper

Not hand sanitizer


In fact, people are searching Google so much for information about COVID-19, that Google took the remarkable step of redesigning COVID-19-related search results pages with a new sidebars on the right and left sides with the most commonly sought after information.

Google COVID-19 Search Results

But Google doesn’t know everything about COVID-19, especially when it comes to local resources in your community.

This presents an opportunity for churches to become a hub for local COVID-19 resources.

Create a “[Your City] COVID-19 Resources” Page on Your Website

Add a page on your website that lists links local resources such as:

  • Local places that have toilet paper and hand sanitizer in stock (updated regularly)
  • Local food banks and Little Free Pantries
  • How to file for unemployment
  • How to file for small business loans
  • Local COVID-19 statistics
  • Local businesses or restaurants that are doing something special to help during the pandemic
  • Things to do during stay-at-home orders

Connecting Help with Needs

You might also be able to create a forum or use social media in a way that allows people in your church and community to post what they need and others to post what they have to share or can do to help. This might include:

  • People making masks
  • People offering to shop for those who older or have underlying heath issues
  • People who have toilet paper or hand sanitizer to share
  • People offering to pray, call or video chat with others

Listen to people, and be that connection point.

When you search for me with all your heart, you will find me. -Jeremiah 29:13

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Creating a resources page is not only good for your church and your community, but it’s also good church SEO.

Click for more COVID-19 Resopnse Resources

Comment and discuss… How is your church helping to connect people to resources? If you have a COVID-19 resources page on your website, post a link.

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