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Analyzing and Answering the Top Church Social Media Questions #ChSocM

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“What are your top 2 questions about church social media?”

That was one of the big questions we asked in the recently conducted Church Social Media Learning Survey.

There were about 40 questions submitted in the survey. As I reviewed them, five specific themes began to emerge:

  1. Leadership – There were lots of questions about how to get the church leadership (pastor, staff, elders, synod) to buy in, and to budget for church social media.
  2. Congregation Engagement – There were also lots of questions about how to get people in the congregation more involved.
  3. Strategy – Many questions involved developing an effective social media strategy.
  4. Tools and Tactics – “How do I…” questions get down to the specifics of the tools and tactics that will help make social media more effective or efficient.
  5. Metrics – There were a couple of questions related to measuring results.

There were also a few questions I categorized as miscellaneous.

If you’re a detail person interested in reviewing all of the questions submitted, I’ve posted all 40 Questions About Church Social Media in a separate post.

Answering the Questions

So, with all these questions posed, one big overarching question arises…

How do we connect the people asking these questions with the answers?

Some of the questions have already been addressed in books, blog posts, Twitter chats and other resources. Perhaps they could be found by searching Google, but things social media is rapidly changing. Sometimes content created a even a year ago is obsolete. Perhaps a this is where a well maintained church social media FAQs or wiki would be useful.

Perhaps bloggers and facilitators of upcoming #ChSocM Twitter chats could address some of these questions.

As posted last week in Part 1, Church Social Media Learning Survey Results, we talked about the top 5 social media resources wanted. So, it seems there is an opportunity to answer these questions in those resources.

What are your thoughts on the types of questions people have about church social media?

What ideas do you have for connecting the people with these questions to solutions?

These are the questions we’re contemplating here at Christian Web Trends. I’d love for you to post and comment and share your thoughts.

And don’t forget to join us at 9 PM Eastern time Tuesday nights for the weekly #ChSocM twitter chat.

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