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5 Traits to Look for in Virtual Street Team Members (and 5 to Avoid)

virtual street team member
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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virtual street team memberWe’ve been discussing the idea of virtual street teams over the last few days.  We started with the what (What is a virtual street team?), followed with the why (What Difference Does a Virtual Street Team Make?)  Today we’ll discuss the who.

Here are 5 traits I look for in a street team member:

  1. Passionate about the mission. First and foremost, I want people on my team who understand and care deeply about what I’m trying to accomplish.
  2. Already talking about us in social media. It makes sense that the best people to help spread the word about an organization online are the people who are already doing it.
  3. Influential in social media. The more engaged a person is in social media the better.  More friends, followers, blog readers is better than less.
  4. Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious. It’s good to have people who are generally positive and exited, than people who tend to be complaining or indifferent when they’re online.
  5. Team player. I want people on my team who help and encourage others, contribute to the ideas and plans being made, and do what they say they’re doing to do for team.

Conversely, here are 5 traits in people I would tend leave off my virtual street team

  1. Wants to be popular. I’d avoid someone who seems more excited about getting attention than the mission.
  2. Wants free perks. Similarly, I’d avoid someone who seems more concerned about the perks you offer than the mission.
  3. Has their own agenda. I’d also avoid someone who seems to view participation in the street team as a means to build their platform and advance their own goals.
  4. Not previously connected with your organization. It would be pretty cool to get a celebrity (or social media celebrity) with thousands or millions of followers on your team, but I don’t think it’s worth it if they don’t really care about your mission.
  5. Paid staff. Nothing wrong with having your paid staff on your street team if they really want to be, but I would avoid  compelling staff – explicitly or implicitly – to participate.

What do you think?  What traits would you look for or avoid in virtual street team members?

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