5 Things I’ve learned in my first 5 months of Blogging

5 things I learned about Blogging
Written by Chris Fluitt

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5 things I learned about BloggingWeb 2.0 is a powerful tool, but it holds quite a learning curve…

5 months ago I started a blog on the subject worship leading in the local church.  It was my intention to share valuable lessons I had learned in ministry as well as connect with other worship leaders.

I’ve been doing a Blog for 5 months… Here are 5 things I have learned.

1. It’s easy to quit without realizing your quitting.

What I mean is… I always feel like I have just written a blog post, but actually it might have been several days since I have written a blog post.  This is what I call the Danger Zone.

I can see how bloggers just take more and more time in between posts until they finally…. just…. stop.  The InterWeb is filled with Blogs just like that. Blogs that died a slow death as the blogger stopped creating new content.

I try to always feel like it’s been too long since I’ve written a new post. In fact I’m always writing a new post… This helps me stay out of the Danger Zone.

2. Motives are HUGE.

Why am I writing this blog? This question has a lot to do with the success of a blog.

If your number 1 motive is that you want a large audience to think you are cool… How are you going to survive the early days when you write posts and have very few page views and even fewer comments?

Our motive always shines through, and if that motive is only about ourselves… then why should anyone read on?

3. Do more thinking than writing.

It’s really painful to sit in front of your laptop and say… “ok… what should I write…?” *Crickets Chirping*

I found it works better if I take something I have been thinking about already, something I have been researching and trying to make sense of. Perhaps the conversation I had the other day where I shared the changes I’m making in ministry and why… now that’s a blog post! *makes note to self*

Anything you are passionate enough to discuss, research, or question would probably make a great blog post!

4. Other bloggers are brethren – not competition. 

It’s real easy to look at everyone around you blogging and compare yourself to them (The bible tells us not to do that by the way.)  It’s even easier to view them as competition…

Don’t try to be like someone else’s blog.  Be you.

Instead of competing with others in the blogosphere… Join in the conversation. Go read them and leave comments. Befriend your blog brethren.  Not only is that the right thing to do… it’s a great way for their readers to find you.

5. Have fun!

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun. You are talking about a subject that you love to talk about… so you better enjoy doing it!

How do I pick my blog topics? Simple.  I talk about what I want to talk about.

We can be great at blogging if we choose topics that we are passionate about!.

If you aren’t enjoying blogging… stop already!  Life has enough stress.

  • Tell me about your blog.  What is it about? How long has it been going?
  • What have you learned about blogging?

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    About the author

    Chris Fluitt

    Chris Fluitt is a worship leader, songwriter, musician, and Social Media Buff. His passion is the everyday ministry that takes place in the local Church!
    Check out his blog at and follow him on Twitter.


    • Great post Chris. I especially like points 1 and 4. It really can be easy to see other bloggers as competition, but it works so much better when you look at them and treat them as friends. I think your 1st point has a lot to do with your 5th point. If you aren't really enjoying the blogging, then there's a good chance it will slowly die. if you are really having fun with it, then you are much more likely to keep blogging and do so consistently.

    • Thanks Kurt. 1 and 5 are definitely related.
      I can honestly say I found myself quitting in the 2nd month of blogging. I took a step back and rethought everything about blogging and it made a huge difference. Now I love to Blog!