4 Types of Goals You Should Set This Year

4 types of goals
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. -Yogi Berra

Setting goals is so important if you want to get anywhere in life.

When we do strategic planning for OurChurch.Com, we set 4 different types of goals each year.  These 4 types of goals, are universal. They can be applied to any kind of organization. I also use them in my personal goal-setting each year.

4 Types of Goals

1) Objectives – Objectives are broad goals like connect with people in our community, serve the poor, increase sales, or become a better parent. They define what you want to accomplish but not how.

2) Projects – Projects goals are the “how;” they’re specific things you’re going to do to accomplish your objectives. For example, if one of your objectives is “connect with people in our community,” your project goals might be 3 outreach events, 2 community serving events, build a new website, hire an experienced Christian web developer to build a new website for us, or  optimize our website for search engines.

3) Processes – Process goals are also how you’re going to achieve your objectives. But while projects goals are achieved when the project is complete, process goals are regularly recurring tasks. Some examples of process goals are send follow-up cards to new church visitors every Monday, update the website every Tuesday, write a weekly blog post or post new content to Facebook four times a week.

4) Metrics – Metrics are the specific data you are going to track and the specific numerical goals you want to reach to indicate success. Numerical goals are things like increase sales by 10%, reach 1,000 website visitors a month by the end of the year, or start 10 new life groups.

All 4 types of goals are important and interrelated. We’ll talk more about how to develop each type of goal in a future post.

As Steve Keating says…

We seldom fulfill our dreams until we turn them into a goal and develop a plan to achieve them. -Steve Keating

should churches set goals?

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If we don’t pray about these things, ask God for guidance and write down where we sense him leading us, we have a tendency to get distracted, lose our way, or forget exactly what God has called us to do.

Goals Month

Our focus this month at OurChurch.Com is on helping you set and achieve the right kinds of goals for your church, ministry or business. We encourage you to share your perspective in this month’s Listening Post. Keep an eye out for more posts about goals and specific goals to consider for your website and SEO.

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  • Have you set goals for your organization for 2023? Why or why not?
  • Which type of goals are you and your organization setting this year?

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