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3 Ways Churches Can Use Music to Amplify Website Traffic and Spiritual Growth

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Nothing engages the heart, the mind, and the soul like music.

Churches in particular have an opportunity to take the music from their Sunday gatherings and use it throughout the week.  Let me share a few proven ideas with you.

1) Post videos of worship music.

Many of the worship songs sung in churches today have music videos posted to YouTube.  Even hymns and older songs often have been made into “lyrical videos” in which the lyrics are shown while the music plays.  Churches can post these videos to the church website, blog or Facebook

Watching/listening to these songs during the week can help people reflect on the lyrics, the truths they contain and the character of God.

Posting videos weekly and emailing your church email list a link can help bring people to your website regularly. People may share the posts/videos on their social channels which can lead to more engagement, and more website visitors

2) Post devotionals that reflect on song lyrics

Hymns and song lyrics naturally lead to further reflection on themes continued in them.  Pastors and church leaders who do this can create devotionals  which can be posted to the church website, blog or social media channels.

We’ve all had times where we’ve sung through a hymn or worship song without really thinking about the words. These devotionals can help people slow down and reflect on the lyrics so the next time they sing them, they have more meaning.  Perhaps those lyrics will even get stuck in the heads of a some people, causing them to be mindful those themes throughout the week.

As with posting videos, posting devotions that reflect on song lyrics can become a monthly or weekly part of a church’s communications strategy to build engagement, traffic and better search rankings.

3) Add The JoyFM player to the church website

When you add The Joy FM player to your church website, it enables your church members and website visitors to listen to Christian music, stories, and scripture throughout the day, helping to keep their hearts and minds focused on the things of God.

A man should hear a little music… every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul. ―Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    • I was inspired by this post to write a blog post for our church about Christmas carols with good theology and I was surprised by how much people responded to it!

      I was actually invited by a radio host to be interviewed and talk about the theology of Christmas carols!

      Thanks for the great ideas guys!

      p.s. If you want to read the blog yourself you can check it out here: