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3 SEO Strategies for When No One Is Searching For You

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I live in Safety Harbor, FL, a small town of 17,000 people nestled along Tampa Bay. Recently, I was doing some keyword research to determine the best keywords related to web design, SEO and online marketing for my city, and unfortunately I discovered not a single phrase gets even 10 searches a month.


I could have given up at that point, thinking there’s no point in optimizing a related to Safety Harbor online marketing if no one is searching for those phrases. But… when faced with this situation, we just have to get a little more creative.

3 SEO Strategies for When No One Is Searching For You

1) Expand your geographic target.

There aren’t many people searching for keywords like Safety Harbor online marketing, but Safety Harbor is a part of the 2.5 million person Tampa Bay metro area. There are related keywords for nearby cities that do get a decent amount of traffic. If you’re faced with a similar situation research other nearby cities, the county or even the state.

2) Target what people ARE searching for.

While few people are searching for keywords related to Safety Harbor online marketing, there are other things in Safety Harbor people are searching for. It’s important though to target keywords that are related to your target audience.

The Safety Harbor Spa is a world-famous vacation destination that gets thousands of searches a month. But even if my site ranked #1 for Safety Harbor Spa, the people searching for that phrase are not going to be interested in the online marketing I’m offering. On the other hand, people searching for the Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce might be interested in online marketing, so creating content related to the Chamber could be a good strategy.

3) Target other things your target audience wants.

This one takes a bit of creativity. Try to get inside the heads of the people who would benefit from what you offer. What else are they interested in? If I’m trying to reach business owners in Safety Harbor, they may also be interested in business loans, networking groups and office space. I could target some of these other things with blog posts or even guest blog posts from friends who provide these things. This strategy is particularly effective when you offer something people aren’t even aware of or don’t realize could benefit them

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  • What are your thoughts on these 3 strategies?
  • Do you offer something that few people search for directly? If so, how are you handling it?

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