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22 Church Super Bowl Party Ideas

church super bowl party ideas
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Hosting a church Super Bowl party can be a great way to bring members of the congregation together for a fun and festive event.

A church Super Bowl party can also be a great church outreach event, which your church can promote and church members can invite their friends to a fun event where they can meet other members of your church, get familiar with your campus, and have some fun.

22 Church Super Bowl Party Ideas


Super Bowl Decoration Ideas

Let’s start by decorating to get everyone into a festive mood…

1) Football Theme. Obviously anything football theme will work.

2) Team Colors. Decorate with the team colors of the two teams – banners, balloons, table cloths, plates, etc.  If you’re near the city of one of the teams in the Super Bowl, forget about being unbiased, go all out for your team!

Super Bowl Food Ideas

Every Super Bowl party needs food, right?

3) Chili cook-off.  My church does a chili cook-off/contest as a part of our Super Bowl party every year.  Participants sign-up in advance to bring a crockpot of their secret-recipe chili.  The chilis are shuffled around and numbered so nobody knows who made each chili. You can have judges decide the winners or do it by popular vote.

4) Football-shaped food.  Make or buy food decorated to look like footballs. Popular options include cookies, cakes, candy, and deviled eggs. Search Google or Pinterest for more ideas.

5) Classic football grub.  Everyone loves the usual tailgating food – hamburgers, hotdogs, sub sandwiches, chips, sodas, etc. When in doubt, go with what you know.

Super Bowl Photo Ideas

Photos are a great way for both your church and the people at the party to share and remember this event.

6) Photo booth.  Setup a photo booth with football related props. If possible create a backdrop with the name of your church, social media @, or a #Hashtag

7) Photographer.  Designate at least one staff member or volunteer to be the official photographer, responsible for taking pics.

8) Share Your Photos. Your designated photographer can post to photos to your church social media profiles during the game. Other options include:

  • posting a collage to social sites after the game
  • adding a photo gallery to your church website
  • publishing a Thank You blog post w photos the next day
  • sharing pics from the event the following Sunday during the service.

Super Bowl Party Games

While the “Big Game” may be the centerpiece of the event, other side games will make your church Super Bowl party unique and memorable.

9) Guess the winner & score. Set up a pool for participants to make predictions about the outcome of the game. This could be done as a 50-50 fundraiser where people have to pay to enter and the prize is half the entry fees. Or let people participate for free and give a prize of your choosing.

10) Box Game / Football Squares. In this game people try to guess the last digit of each team’s score.  Draw, print, or purchase a 10×10 grid. Put the name of one team across the top, the other team along the left side. Participants make a 2 digit guess, and their name gets placed in that square.  Each 2-digit number combination can only be chosen by one person. The person who chose the right 2-digit combination wins a prize!

11) Competitions.  How about a longest throw competition?  Other options include an accuracy challenge, scoring points by throwing at targets, or a longest field goal competition. Do them before the game starts or during half time.

12) Cheer contest. Another halftime option is a cheer or dance contest.  Give groups the opportunity to create an original 30-60 second cheer or dance they show off during halftime.

Super Bowl Spiritual Focus Ideas

We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest some church Super Bowl party ideas to remind people that there are more important things than football.

13) Prayer.  It’s expected that the pastor will pray at the beginning of the event, before people dive into the food.  Don’t miss the opportunity. Don’t rush it. Pray that God would be active in your event, helping people to find acceptance, build relationships, and know they are loved by God and the people of your congregation.

14) Halftime message.  The Super Bowl halftime shows have gained a reputation for being either really raunchy or really boring. Why not turn it off and do something of spiritual value. Remember people will want to use halftime to use the restroom and get some more food, so keep it shortI Am Second is a great site that has 2-4 minute videos from well know people, including football players, talking about what it means to put God first.

15) Purposeful Party Favors.  Give people a memento for the road that has spiritual value. It could include a small devotional booklet, a printout of your church’s upcoming events, or something to put on their desk to remind them to pray.

Church Super Bowl Party Online Marketing Ideas

Of course, none of this maters if nobody shows up for your event. There are lots of great opportunities to spread the word about your church Super Bowl party online.

16) Web page. Create a page on your church website specifically for your church Super Bowl party with all the details

17) Promotional graphic. Add a graphic to your homepage to promote the event and link to your Super Bowl party page.

18) Share on social media. Share the promotional graphic and link to the Super Bowl party page on your social media profiles several times in the weeks leading up to the event.

19) Empower your people. Encourage your church members to share/retweet the Super Bowl party posts, so their friends see them.

20) Create a Facebook Event for the event.

21) Run paid Facebook Ads for the event.

22) Run paid Google Ads for the event.

Food for thought…

I coach football. But the good I can do to glorify God along the way is my real purpose. -Tony Dungy, Super Bowl winning head coach

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