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14 Digital Ideas to Share with Your Church on Internet Evangelism Day

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Internet Evangelism Day is set for 29 April, as the culmination of Digital Outreach Month. IE Day is both an annual focus day and year-round resource guide for digital outreach. It has always been our suggestion that churches (or other Christian groups) build a digital evangelism focus into their events or service sheets on or near that day. In previous years, although this could be an eye-opening challenge, actual involvement in digital evangelism or ministry was not something that many church members were likely to take up. The options were somewhat limited, time-consuming, and needed technical or writing gifts.

No longer! Social networking enables any online Christian to naturally share resources that explain some aspect of the good news, and start conversations with those they are already linked with. So at last, an IE Day presentation can suggest practical ideas and opportunities that most church members can use right now.

If you’d like some help with what to share with the folks in your organization on Internet Evangelism Day, the IED website has some great  suggestions.  Here are  14 digital ideas to share with your church on IE Day 

What are your thoughts on Internet Evangelism Day?  Are you planning anything for your organization?  If so what?

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    • Paul tnx to make your self available in the hand of God, soul winning or evangelizim is the heat beat of God, for preparation of Chrit coming Kingdom, may the lord broaden your vision. Bishop Simeon