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12 4th of July Ideas for Church Outreach Events

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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The 4th of July, aka Independence Day, is often overlooked as an opportunity for church outreach events, but it has more potential than you might realize.

That’s because an event doesn’t have to be organized or hosted by a local church to be an outreach event. Sometimes the best way to reach people in your community is to have people invite their non-Christian friends to a fun, non-church activity.

We had that in mind as we put together…

12 Church Outreach Events for the 4th of July

1. Community Picnic. Organize a church picnic in a local park, complete with food, games, and fellowship.

2. Neighborhood BBQs. Instead of one big church picnic, you could encourage families or small groups to roll a grill out to the driveway, and invite neighbors over for food and games.

3. Parade Float. Does your city put on a 4th of July parade? Join in with a float representing your church. Give out invitations to an upcoming service or event. And throw out something fun like candy or beads.

4. Fireworks Viewing. If your church is near a local fireworks show, offer a safe and comfortable space on your church grounds for community members to gather and watch the fireworks.

5. Fireworks Parking. If your church is near a local fireworks show, but is not a good spot to view it, consider making your lot available for parking. You could allow people to park for free, or consider charging and giving away the money to an organization that helps to free people from slavery, like International Justice Mission.

6. Fireworks Viewing Groups. If your church is not near a local fireworks show, encouarge families and small groups to go together to watch fireworks and invite their non-Christian friends.

7. Service Project. Organize a service project, such as cleaning up a public space or helping elderly or disabled residents with yard work.

8. Prayer Walk. Organize a prayer walk in your community, praying for the well-being, peace, and unity of your neighborhood and the nation, Pray also for those who live in countries were Christians are persecuted and don’t enjoy the same freedoms we do.

9. Red, White, and Blue Concert. Arrange a special concert featuring patriotic music, inviting local musicians and performers to participate.

10. Outdoor Movie Night. Set up an outdoor movie screen and show a family-friendly patriotic film, providing popcorn and refreshments for attendees.

11. Freedom in Christ Sunday. Make freedom the theme of your Sunday services. Teach on the differences between the world’s view of freedom (to selfishly do whatever we want) and God’s view of freedom (freedom from sin, death, addiction, greed, anxiety, etc). Offer next steps like Celebrate Recovery and financial planning classes.

12. Church and State Sunday. Make government and politics the theme of your Sunday services. Should Christians be involved in politics? In activism? Should we be taking stands? Building bridges? What examples do we have in the Bible?

As we celebrate the freedom we have in the United States, let us keep in mind…

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. -Galatians 5:13

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No matter which church outreach events for the 4th of July your church chooses, you’ll also want to promote those events online. Rather than share the same strategies at the bottom of every church outreach ideas article we write for every season and holiday, we’ll just point you to…

7 Ways to Promote Your Church Outreach Event Online

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