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10 Places Your Church URL Should Be

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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As part of Church Marketing month, we are talking about all the ways that you can spread the word about your church and attract new visitors.  One of the most forgotten, yet simplest ways to help people find your church is by putting your URL (church website address) on everything.

Now I’m not suggesting spray painting your church URL on the side of city hall or police cars but below are the top 10 places a church should have their website address.

  1. Sign in front of the church building
  2. Staff business cards
  3. Church letterhead, envelopes, bulletins, & newsletters
  4. Sermon notes
  5. Any public signage (billboards, bus benches, etc)
  6. Every email that comes from any church staff
  7. Every shirt, hat, or other clothing with your church name
  8. Postcards handed out for special events (Christmas services, Trunk or Treat, Memorial Day picnic, etc)
  9. Robo-texts
  10. Bumper stickers or car magnets that you give out to members

This is all about getting people to come to your website.  Think about the purpose of your website.  Why did you build a website in the first place?

You built your website for a reason, to reach a goal. Getting traffic to your site is a critical part of reaching that goal. -Kurt Steinbrueck


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What other places can you think of that should have your church URL?  Post your comments below.

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About the author

Mark Steinbrueck

Mark Steinbrueck is President and Co-founder of OurChurch.Com. He is a member of Generations Christian Church, a husband and father of 3. He is a huge Cardinals baseball fan and bleeds Garnet and Gold. Find on Google+.


  • Some other ideas for placing your church URL:

    – In Bibles or books given or purchased via the church. If this can’t be done, bookmarks are a good alternative.

    – On-screen displays (eg. PowerPoint presentations).

    – Incorporate the url within or along side the church logo/emblem (if short and relevant enough). This allows your domain to be included on any print and/or advertising, stamps and labels.

    – If your church releases audio sermons or podcasts, be sure to include the domain in the episode title and throughout the mp3 meta data (eg. artist, comments). This means when the podcast is being listened to, the domain name is shown on the player’s screen.

    – Display posters of verses or quotes throughout the church or provided as gifts for members or as a public service, with the credit displaying the church logo and domain name.

    – Add album artwork to mp3 meta data to include the church logo and domain name.

    – Obviously with SEO in mind, any digital identities and social networks should all link back to the domain (eg. YouTube, Facebook personal & church page, Twitter).

    – Outgoing e-mail should always have a signature with the church logo and web address.

    – Extending on the “email”, church staff should all have their own “official” e-mail address or forwarders with the church web address – you can even provide free email addresses (depending on the availability from the host) which gives opportunity for the domain to be spread on individual personal accounts (be aware that this may reflect poorly on the church depending on the integrity of the people using the addresses).

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