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Marketing Spotlight: Good Neighbor Insurance

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

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GNI-LogoI’ve known Jeff and Doug Gulleson, Mark Sequeira, and the folks at Good Neighbor Insurance for several years and have had the great opportunity to help them off and on with the search marketing for both their company site, and their ministry website, a Muslim outreach ministry.  They are great Christians with a passion for missions which shows itself in their company.

About Good Neighbor Insurance:
I asked Mark Sequeira to tell us a little about Good Neighbor Insurance:

“Good Neighbor Insurance is a trusted international insurance company that markets overseas health insurance, travel insurance, and more to travelers of all ages online at We also protect expats and international organizations with a special emphasis on non-profits, charities and groups doing good worldwide. We work with over 100 aid agencies, hotels, mission agencies, and more, protecting their staff all over the globe, and another 100 or so contracted organizations helping their summer team volunteers stay safe.”

The folks at Good Neighbor Insurance are pretty unique as far as insurance agents go, since all of them have worked overseas themselves and have a passion for serving those that are trying to make the world a better place. They uniquely understand that travel (and insurance) is just a means to an end and they help travelers get what they need and also know what they don’t need so they save the most money. They also help to clear up misconceptions people have about travel insurance by providing information about the various kinds of travel insurance. They are very committed folks – To keeping travelers safe, and to making travel and work overseas more affordable.

An SEO Audit:
A few months ago Mark called me up and asked me if I could help them out.  They had lost a significant amount of web traffic over several months and weren’t sure why or how to turn it around.  I suggested that they have OurChurch.Com perform an SEO Audit.

An SEO Audit is a service where we do in-depth research into the optimization of a website, the linking structure of the site, the inbound link profile, the search rankings, and the web traffic for the website.  It’s basically an investigation to figure out what the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) situation with a website is, what may be causing issues, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

I’ll let Mark describe the rest…

“We invest a lot of money in Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization and other marketing online. In 2013 we found our internet traffic basically dropped by half what it had been the year before. This is mission-critical and could have cost me my job (I’m the marketing and art director). We suspected the new ACA-compliant insurance laws (which still don’t protect you overseas by-the-way!), were causing people to be hesitant and was causing confusion. We also knew that Google had done two updates to their search algorithms and we weren’t sure how that was affecting our business – which is basically all customer loyalty, customers referring friends, and by internet traffic (i.e. search). If you’ve done a search for “Short-term Overseas Insurance” you’ve probably seen one or more of our sites.

We asked OurChurch.Com for help doing an analysis of our online business traffic because they had taken the time to understand our business, and because we knew through our long relationship with them that we could trust their work and their recommendation. We were very pleased with the depth, detail and scope of their work. Due to their analysis we were able to appreciate the lost traffic, as well as look at ways to rebuild that revenue stream. Personally, it was priceless. Having an SEO analysis done was an important tool in understanding our market, our ROI, and ways we can improve and make more money. According to our company values, we don’t primarily exist to sell more insurance, but rather to facilitate and protect travelers doing good worldwide. But we can’t do that very well if those going overseas for business or pleasure never find our website(s). OurChurch are “game changers” help us continue to be “world changers.

Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?
It’s not all that uncommon for websites to have mysterious changes in traffic.  Sometimes an SEO Audit is the only way to determine what is going on.  Even when there are no odd changes, an SEO Audit can help to identify risks to your website and opportunities for increasing traffic and growing your organization.

If you have experienced a change in your website traffic that you don’t understand or would just like to find those opportunities to increase traffic, an SEO Audit may be just the solution for you.  We’d love to help you discover those opportunities.  If you are interested, please click here and request a free, no obligation consultation today.

Check Out Good Neighbor Insurance:
If you are planning an overseas trip or maybe your church is planning a mission trip.  I highly recommend contacting Good Neighbor Insurance to learn how you can protect yourself when traveling abroad both with travel insurance and overseas medical insurance.

Share Your Thoughts:

  • Have you had an unexplained change in your website’s traffic?  What have you done to figure it out?
  • How do you find ways to increase traffic?
  • Have you ever gotten travel insurance for an overseas trip?  How did it help?
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